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Oils, serums and fluids for hair

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Why should I buy a hair serum or fluid? Serums and hair fluids are special hair care products that have a light consistency and are quickly absorbed into the hair, despite its sparse structure. These products contain active ingredients that penetrate the hair structure, nourish it, moisturize it, protect it from damage, and make it smoother and shinier.

There are several types of hair serums and fluids, depending on their purpose and the effect they have:

  1. Repairing serums: These serums contain active ingredients that help repair damaged hair, strengthen its structure and prevent breakage. They help restore the hair's natural elasticity and improve its overall appearance.
  2. Moisturizing serums: These serums contain ingredients that provide intense moisture to the hair. They retain moisture in the structure, eliminate dryness and redness of the scalp, and make hair softer and shinier.
  3. Protective serums: These serums have a protective effect and help to protect strands from the harmful effects of external factors such as thermal styling tools, sun, pollution, etc. They may contain ingredients that form a film on the surface of the hair to protect it from damage.
  4. Soothing serums: These serums are designed to address problems with an irritated or sensitive scalp. They soothe the skin, reduce itching and inflammation, and minimize flaking.
  5. Shine Fluids: These fluids contain special ingredients that give hair natural shine and volume. They improve the appearance of hair, making it look more vibrant and radiant.

It's important to choose serums and fluids that are right for your hair type and address specific concerns. Pay attention to the composition of the product and its recommendations for use to achieve the best results.

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