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Agi Max Straightening

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Soller Agi Max hair straightening cosmetics from Brazil

Every day, our hair is influenced by aggressive external factors - styling devices and products, ultraviolet light, dyeing, perm - all this gradually destroys the structure and makes the strands brittle, hard and dull. In this case, a complex restoration is important with a curl. Agi Max offers high-quality and safe hair cosmetics that allow you to smooth unruly strands and restore damaged curls.

Agi Max hair restoration is a combination of innovative technologies and natural ingredients for the shine and health of your curls.

A little about the brand

The Brazilian company Agi Max released the first hair care products relatively recently - only in 2004. The founder of the brand was inspired by a trip to New Zealand and Australia. Having studied modern technologies that were used by local manufacturers, I. Reilo managed to create a unique product that quickly became a leader in the field of hair straightening and restoration.

Along with Brazilian ingredients (coconut oil, chia oil, macadamia oil, etc.), the brand also became famous for adding healthy ingredients from Europe and the USA. Such an integrated approach led to the fact that the whole world soon learned about the brand.

Benefits of Agi Max products

Agi Max hair cosmetics are not millet so won the favor of highly qualified masters from all over the world. The products of the Brazilian brand have a number of advantages:

  1. Perfect price / quality ratio. Agi Max products are a combination of good value and premium quality.
  2. Lack of harmful components. Manufacturers have abandoned the use of formaldehyde and methylene glycol - substances that can have a damaging effect on hair.
  3. The products are enriched with natural ingredients. Silk proteins, amino acids, vitamins and essential oils penetrate deeply into the structure, fill in damaged areas and thereby make hair strong, shiny and silky.
  4. The effect of using the funds is noticeable after the first application.
  5. Safe composition. Even pregnant and lactating women can use Agi Max cosmetics. The products do not cause an allergic reaction and do not emit toxic substances.
  6. Protection of hair from aggressive external factors.
  7. Ease of use that allows straightening and recovery procedures at home.
  8. Does not weigh down the curls.

Wide range of Agi Max products

One of the brand's features is a large selection of products. The most popular positions from Agi Max today are:

  • Botox is a revitalizing agent that provides a minimal leveling effect.
  • Keratin - smoothes unruly hair, restores healthy shine and strength. Suitable for coarse hair, afro curls, etc.
  • Mask - facilitates the combing process, moisturizes the strands, saturates them with nutrients.
  • Conditioner - protects curls from aggressive external factors.
  • Deep cleaning shampoo. It is the first step in keratin straightening and perfectly cleanses the hair and scalp.

You can buy hair cosmetics from Adji Max (Ukraine) on the website of our online store. High-quality ingredients, a unique formula and a completely safe composition will take the best care of your curls. And you can enjoy the perfect result for as long as possible.