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The health and attractive appearance of hair depends on many factors. Every day, our curls give in to severe stress in the form of styling products, hair dryers, ironing, staining, etc. All this is complemented by stress and lack of vitamins. How to restore beauty, vitality and strength to hair? The Brazilian brand Esk Professional has created a new line - Belinha hair restoration products are the best that can happen with your curls!

Belinha Product Features

Brazil regularly pleases the fair sex with new lines of hair restoration products. Becoming the birthplace of today's popular procedure - keratin straightening - this country is known for brands that have won the favor of professionals from around the world. Like all products of the Esk Professional brand, Belinha hair care products are manufactured at the Stes factory. The main feature of the line is the restoration of damaged hair at a low molecular weight cellular level. Thus, the products have a delicate and at the same time effective action for nourishing and moisturizing the strands.

Manufacturers use amino-functional cationic polymers that fight the first manifestations of brittleness, dullness and aging of curls, returning them a beautiful and healthy appearance in the shortest possible time. This is the innovative approach that the Belinha line has made.
popular all over the world. Today, brand products have gone far beyond Brazil and are exported to 20 countries around the world.

Today Belinha products consist of such hair care products:

deep cleansing shampoo SHAMPOO;
Intensive Reconstructive Mask hair restoration system;
Acalma Sabelo collection for home care (shampoo, conditioner, hair mask).
Benefits of Belinha Hair Repair Products
Belinha Botox hair restoration is not millet so gained popularity among hairdressers from around the world. Despite the fact that the hair repairing line has appeared on the market relatively recently, it quickly became known thanks to a combination of modern technologies and the classical approach to hair restoration. Belinha brand products have a number of advantages that distinguishes it from other similar products:

1. Versatility. The tool can be used for any type of hair. Besides,

Belinha line is also suitable for clarified and highlighted curls.

2. The presence of Praxaxi tree oil. This is a unique cosmetic oil that

nourishes your strands and saturates them with useful trace elements. Resulting hair

become shiny, strong and soft.

3. Instant recovery! The effect becomes noticeable after the first

application and with proper care is stored on the hair for up to 3 months.

4. Nice texture. The product has a light texture, which is quickly applied and

it is washed off from the hair without leaving a feeling of stickiness and discomfort.

5. Gives hair strength without weighing it down.

6. The absence of harmful components in the composition that may have a negative effect

on the curls.

7. On the clarified hair completely removes the yellow pigment.

You can order means for hair restoration of the Brazilian brand Belinha right now
on the website of our online store. Give your curls the opportunity to return to life
strength and brilliance. Belinha products have a cumulative effect so that your hair retains
silkiness and strength even after 3 months!