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Marcia Teixiera Brand

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Marcia Teixeira Hair Straightening

Marcia Teixeira first released products for the care of damaged curls back in 2006. Marcia Teixeira, the founder of the brand and leading American cosmetologist, consulted with the best specialists - biologists, dermatologists and trichologists - before launching the products on the market. All in order to derive a formula that can overcome the effect of aggressive external factors on the strands.
Hair cosmetics Marcia Teixeira is a nourishment, restoration and moisturizing of hair from roots to ends. Today, the products of the American brand are used all over the world, both in salons and at home.

Professional hair care Marcia Teixeira

Marcia Teixeira was the first brand to use synthesized pure keratin as an active ingredient. It is obtained from the wool of sheep from New Zealand. For this, Kerotech's innovative technology is involved.
However, this is far from the only highlight of the product. In the composition, you can also find extracts of exotic plants and fruits that grow in the forests of the Amazon.
As a result, it was possible to obtain the most delicate composition that does not destroy the hair structure, but on the contrary - penetrating inside it fills the damaged areas, making the strands stronger and more elastic.

Benefits of products from Marcia Teixeira

Hair restoration Marcia Teixeira quickly gained popularity around the world. Today brand funds are used in the best salons. And this is not surprising - manufacturers have managed to create products that have a number of advantages:
1. The presence of natural ingredients. Essential oils, extracts and vitamins nourish the strands and saturate them with useful trace elements.
2. Protection against ultraviolet radiation.
3. Versatility. You can choose products for any hair type.
4. Affordable price, which is complemented by the most economical consumption. One bottle of the product will be enough for you for many uses.
5. Hypoallergenic. All hair products are tested in the company's personal laboratories and meet all quality norms and standards.
6. The unique formula allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the hair and restore it at the cellular level.
7. Simplifies the styling process.
8. Protects hair from aggressive external factors.
9. Restores even the most damaged curls, makes them strong, silky and shiny.
10. The effect of using the product is noticeable after the first application.

Large selection of hair cosmetics Marcia Teixeira

Today the Marcia Teixeira brand offers a huge selection of hair products:
1. GO shampoo, which is able to perfectly cleanse the scalp and hair. It is he who is the first stage of the keratin straightening procedure.
2. Serum. Actively fights split ends, nourishes and moisturizes them.
3. Masks and conditioners. Facilitate the combing process. Due to the presence in the composition of oils and extracts of subtropical fruits, they nourish and moisturize the curls.
4. Complex for keratin straightening. Perfectly smoothes unruly strands.
5. Spray. An indelible product that protects hair from external influences.
You can buy products for naughty and damaged curls from Marcia Teixeira (Ukraine) right now on the website of our online store. The preparations presented by the American brand are absolutely safe and provide delicate and at the same time effective care for your hair.