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Paul Oscar Professional

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Paul Oscar - Hair Straightening Brand from Russia

Every day your hair is influenced by various external factors. Hairdryers, irons, varnishes, dyeing, perm - all of these help create a beautiful hairstyle or styling, however, with frequent use, it can deplete strands, making them dull, brittle and stiff. All this is complemented by frequent stress, ecological situation, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.
That is why modern women understand how important proper hair care is. Among the wide range of products, the relatively new, but promising brand Paul Oscar stands out clearly. Manufacturers offer several lines of products that provide straightening and restoration of curls.

Paul Oscar Main brand concept

The Paul Oscar company appeared on the market of care products for unmanageable and damaged hair relatively recently. However, the brand quickly managed to win the trust of buyers and today it has become known in many countries and around the world.
Manufacturers have managed to combine two approaches to the production of their products. Paul Oscar hair restoration and straightening is a mixture of a practical and scrupulous British approach, as well as Brazilian traditions (and as you know, keratin hair straightening originated in Brazil).
All this is complemented by the presence of our own laboratories and the participation in the development of formulas of leading specialists (dermatologists, cosmetologists and trichologists) from all over the world.

Paul Oscar is a high-quality, safe, effective and delicate care for your hair!

Features and benefits of Paul Oscar products

Paul Oscar keratin hair straightening has become popular for a reason - the company's products have a number of advantages that distinguish them from competitors:
1. Safe and hypoallergenic composition. The manufacturer does not use harmful ingredients that have a destructive effect on the strands - only certified and delicate ingredients for the beauty and health of your curls.
2. Ideal price / quality ratio. At the most favorable cost, you get products that are not inferior in composition and efficiency to the leading brands of the luxury segment.
3. The effect of using the funds becomes noticeable after a few crumples after application. Hair becomes silky, smooth, and gains a healthy shine.
4. The presence of natural ingredients: essential oils (shea, coconut, chia, argan, aloe), amino acids, vitamins.

A wide range of care products for your hair

One of the main advantages of Paul Oscar brand products is a huge selection of products that allow you to find an option for a specific hair type. Today, the following products are found on store shelves:
1. Keratin. The best tool for straightening unruly hair. Buy Paul Oscar keratin is recommended for all women who suffer from frizzy hair that requires daily styling.
2. Botox - repairs damaged hair and has a slight leveling effect.
3. Care products. Shampoos, masks, balms, conditioners can be used as an addition to keratin straightening (to consolidate the effect) or simply for hair care. They nourish the curls, saturate them with useful components and moisturize.
Now you can find Paul Oscar products in Ukraine. Our site contains premium products for the care of your curls. Trust the experience of the professionals and enjoy the result. Your hair will thank you.