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Pure Brazilian Straightening

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Keratin hair straightening - Pure Brazilian

In modern conditions, it is difficult to achieve beauty and healthy hair. Your curls are constantly affected by aggressive external factors, stressful situations and a deficiency in the body of useful trace elements.
Fortunately, there are procedures aimed at a complex effect - the restoration and straightening of naughty strands. Pure Brazilian products include several different treatments for brittle, hard and dull curls.

Features and Benefits of Pure Brazilian Brand Products

Despite its name, Pure Brazilian keratin straightening is made in the USA. The company considers itself an organic brand and takes a responsible approach to developing the composition of funds. Despite the many components in the composition, keratin is the basis of all products - the protein of which our hair consists of more than 80%. It is its lack that can lead to brittleness, loss of color and shine, fluffiness, cut ends.
Hair straightening Pure Brazilian has not just become popular among the fair sex from around the world. American-made hair straightening and restoration products have a number of advantages:
1. In the composition you will not find aggressive components (sulfates or formaldehydes) that have a negative effect on the appearance and condition of your hair.
2. As active components, keratin, proteins, collagen, etc. are used.
3. Protection from external factors. The tool prevents exposure to the hair structure of ultraviolet radiation, rainfall, styling products and appliances.
4. After the first procedure, the hair becomes smooth and silky, acquires a healthy radiance and vitality.
5. Penetrating deep into the structure of the hair, keratin fills the damaged areas, thereby restoring the damaged strands.
6. Products “solder” the split ends.
7. Versatility. Pure Brazilian products can be used for different types of hair: after perming, dyeing, afro curls, too dry and brittle locks, etc.
8. The experience of specialists. Leading cosmetologists, dermatologists and trichologists from around the world are working on the creation of tools.
9. A large selection of tools.
10. Ease of use. Pure Brazilian products can be used both in salon and at home.

Wide range of products from Pure Brazilian

Today you can pick up the care from the Pure Brasilian brand from a whole line of leveling and restoring products. The company produces such products for your hair:
1. Keratin-based shampoo for deep cleaning of hair and scalp. It is used as a preparatory stage before keratin straightening.
2. Air conditioning. Makes curls soft, moisturizes and nourishes them.
3. Hair mask. With regular use, restores damaged strands.
4. Oil. It has a pleasant texture and saturates the strands with useful trace elements, essential oils, extracts.
5. Keratin spray. Easy to apply and nourish curls, complementing the effect of keratin straightening.
6. Serum. Returns shine and health to damaged hair.
7. A set of means for keratin straightening. Just a few steps will separate you from perfectly smooth and obedient hair.
You can buy Pure Brazilian keratin right now on the website of our online store. Forget about daily styling - high-quality keratin-based products will give your hair health and attractive appearance for a long time.