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Result Cosmetics

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Result Cosmetics

Result Professional is a global brand that produces professional hair cosmetics. It was founded in 2000 in Brazil, so it is not surprising that the huge number of ingredients that are used in the company's funds are of South American origin.

The emergence of Result Professional has stirred up the market for cosmetics, as this company was one of the first to offer natural gifts from the Amazon as effective and professional hair care products.

Result Professional hair restoration products are known for the fact that they contain exclusively safe ingredients, the company does not use formaldehyde, which significantly increases the safety and quality of products.

Product Benefits Result Professional

It is logical that after two decades of work, the company's assortment nowadays is replete with a variety of means that are ideal for a variety of hair types. Each year, the company is engaged in finalizing its unique form, offering customers new and innovative solutions.

The main features and advantages of the products of this brand include:

  • the product contains no harmful formaldehydes or other similar chemicals, which allows the use of Result Professional products for allergy sufferers, adolescents, and even pregnant women;
  • while using Result Professional products you will not have irritation of the airways due to unpleasant odors, as is often the case with other means, now keratin straightening will not be associated with coughing and tears;
  • using funds from this brand is very simple, you can contact a salon master or use them yourself if you are confident in your abilities, the entire process of using products will not take you more than 30-40 minutes;
  • Each product line of the company has a special pleasant smell, which contributes to additional relaxation during the procedure.

Despite the fact that Result Professional has been considered a leader in the field of keratin hair straightening for many years, large batches of goods have appeared in our country relatively recently. Now, every Ukrainian woman will be able to independently test and feel the effectiveness of Result Professional products on her hair.

Product lines from Result Professional

For its customers, the company offers several basic product lines that differ in both composition and effect. There are 4 main lines:

  • Phytoplastia Bio Oil;
  • Aminoplastia Three-M Eko Protein;
  • 2 Purple Eko B.Tox;
  • Cortex Cell Complex.
  • Phytoplastia bio oil

Hair straightening Result Professional Phytoplastia Bio Oil offers unique products based on natural oils, with the help of which curly, dried and weakened strands can easily turn smooth, shiny and obedient curls.

Means of this series affect both the external and the internal structure of the hair, which provides an effect for a long time. Phytoplasty is a kind of combination between botox and keratin. The effect of this line of funds lasts up to six months. They will provide you with strong and elastic strands that during this time will differ in a beautiful shine.

Aminoplastia Three-M Eko Protein
Ideal for dyed hair, since the composition of the funds additionally saturates the curls with glyoxylic acid. Products are especially effective if you return to your own natural hair color, which has a lighter shade. Supplementary nutrition with healthy and natural ingredients will straighten and strengthen even the most intricate strands.

2 Purple Eko B.Tox
The most effective and intensive means that in a short time allow you to reconstruct and strengthen the strands of any type. At the same time, you can easily count on a long-lasting healing effect, which is provided by unique berries from South America. Validity of funds - 3-5 months.

Cortex cell complex
An innovative and revolutionary solution from Result Professional, restoring curls along their entire length. Also, the products of this line are characterized by a strong strengthening of the internal structure of the hair with the help of natural vitamins and other trace elements (for example, amino acids). These hair cosmetics are recommended for faded and weak strands that require effective recovery.