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Tyrrel Professional Hair

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Hair straightening and restoration products from Tyrrel

Brazilian brands that produce products for straightening and restoring curls, today have managed to establish themselves all over the world. Along with the budget funds of the mass market category, there are also elite brands in Brazil that produce highly effective products for your curls. One of these manufacturers is Tyrrel, a relatively young brand that has managed to gain popularity all over the world.

Features and benefits of Tyrrel hair products

Tyrrel hair straightening has become popular today far beyond Brazil. And this is not surprising - the manufacturers managed to create unique products, the analogues of which simply do not exist. The products of the leading Brazilian brand are today used for both salon and home care for weakened and damaged curls.

The popularity of Tyrrel hair cosmetics is explained by its mass of advantages:
1. Natural composition. In addition to active ingredients, the products include essential oils (avocado, shea), proteins, amino acids (including essential ones), extracts of useful plants, etc. Penetrating deep into the structure of the curls, the beneficial components saturate them, make them stronger, restore the damaged structure and add shine.

2. Absence in the composition of harmful components. In products from the Brazilian brand Tyrrel, you will not find formaldehydes or sulfates, which can be aggressive and destroy curls.
3. A wide range of products.
4. Hypoallergenic. Keratin Tyrrel can be used even during pregnancy and lactation.
5. Hair straightening, which becomes noticeable after the first use of products and greatly simplifies the process of daily styling.
6. Compliance with all norms and quality standards. The company has all the certificates confirming the safety of products.

Wide range of products from the Brazilian brand Tyrrel
Tyrrel hair care is a huge selection of products aimed at straightening, restoring, moisturizing and nourishing curls. Today on store shelves you can find the following brand products:
1. Nanoplastics of the new generation Tyrrel. Complex hair restoration. The straightening effect lasts as long as possible - up to 11 months. Curls become more obedient, acquire a healthy glow and inner strength.
2. Mask. It has a moisturizing effect, restores the hydrobalance of curls and protects them from the effects of aggressive external factors. The active ingredients fill the porous structure of the hair, giving it shine, strength and silkiness.
3. Fast hair restoration. It is a unique formula enriched with amino acids and collagen to eliminate breakage and make hair silky and strong. The product restores the damaged structure and creates an invisible film on the hair that protects against mechanical and thermal factors.
4. Hair shampoo. It has a soft and delicate formula that has a smoothing effect, restores the hair cuticle, effectively cleanses the curls and scalp.

You can buy (Ukraine) hair straightening products of the Brazilian brand Tyrrel right now on the website of our online store. The catalog contains a wide range of products that have managed to prove themselves from the best side and are used by professionals around the world. Give your hair an elite and high-quality care and get a luxurious result that will last for a long time.