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Ybera Professional

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Hair cosmetics Ybera

Brazil is the market leader in hair straightening products. The very procedure of keratin straightening originated here. It is no wonder that Brazilian brands are popular all over the world - years of experience have allowed them to develop unique products that provide delicate yet effective care. One of the leaders of the Brazilian market today is rightfully called thebrand Ybera.

Ybera -straightening new generation hairand restoration. Launched 15 years ago, Ybera products quickly gained the trust of professionals and are now used in showrooms around the world. 

Features and Benefits of Ybera Hair Products

Ybera is a professional hair cosmetics. Manufacturers offer products that simply do not exist. The innovative technologies that are used to create the products have made it possible to obtain a safe composition that takes good care of the hair, making it manageable, shiny, strong and silky. Today Ybera cosmetics are presented in 45 countries, including Ukraine.

Hair cosmetics from Ybera today are popular with the fair sex from all over the world. This is due to the large number of advantages of the funds:

  1. The absence of sulfates and formaldehydes in the composition, which have a destructive effect on the structure of the strands.
  2. The presence of a home line. Now you can get smooth and healthy curls even at home. Each product comes with instructions for use to achieve maximum effect.
  3. Versatility. The products are suitable for all hair types.
  4. Ybera products are hypoallergenic, do not cause irritation and redness of the skin.
  5. The effect of use is noticeable after the first application.
  6. The presence of natural ingredients in the composition that nourish the hair from the inside.

A wide range of hair care cosmetics of the Brazilian brand Ybera

During its existence, the brand has significantly expanded the line of products for straightening and restoring curls. Today on store shelves you can find the following types of products from Ybera Professional:

  1. GO shampoo. Prepares hair for further straightening and washes well strands and scalp.
  2. Air conditioning. Simplifies the styling process, makes hair more manageable and saturates it with useful components.
  3. Cold botox. Designed for deep restoration of damaged curls. Also provides a light hair straightening effect.
  4. Keratin. Able to straighten even the most naughty and hard curls. Provides the effect of even hair for several months, restores them, fights split ends.
  5. Butter. Contains natural essential oils and extracts that penetrate deep into the hair structure, fill it with themselves and give the strands shine, strength and elasticity.
  6. Thermal protection. Helps protect hair from exposure to high temperatures and is used before styling with a curling iron or iron.

Youbuy canhair straightening and restoration products of the popular Brazilian brand Ybera right now in our online store. We offer quality and highly effective products that can restore vitality and shine to even the most weakened and damaged curls. Delivery is carried out anywhere in the country (Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Zaporozhye, etc.) as soon as possible. Give your hair an elite care at a bargain price.