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Essential oils Eternity Liss - argan oil

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SKU: el0005

Essencial oil Eternity liss

The Moroccan argan tree is a storehouse of substances: there are no plants like it, in which so many useful components for hair accumulate. Argan oil under the power to tame any tight curl, turning it into an obedient comb strand. It is an ideal fighter, helping to glue together the split ends. It is able to add silkiness, soft softness, amazing splendor, exhausted by hairdresser's experiments.
Vitamin E (tocopherol) quickly updates the damaged hair structure and regulates metabolic processes in them. Sterols are responsible for the collagen-elastin component, which imparts vitality and shine. Polyphenols heal damage, enhance hair growth and prevent their loss. Fatty acids prevent hair weakening as a result of exposure to unfavorable factors. In addition to hair, the moisturizing effect is also on the scalp, excluding the appearance of dandruff.
To get 1 liter of Argan oil, you will need to squeeze it out of 50 kg of fruit. The Moroccan government is trying to retain the right to own valuable raw materials: the trees are taken under state supervision, their cutting and exportation outside the country is punishable by law. And everyone can buy pure yellow-brown oil, which the Brazilian company provides to the market. It is used quite simply: one procedure will require only 5 drops of the product, which must be rubbed between the palms and applied to clean, dry hair.

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Гарантия от производителя 12 месяцев

Made in Бразилия
Расход мл 1
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Тип волос All types
Тип ухода Oil