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Eternity Liss Acai Hair Smoothing

SKU: el0003

Keratin Eternity Liss Acai

Those whose hair felt a number of thermochemical influences, differ in dryness, are quickly tangled after combing, necessarily in need of regenerative therapy. The keratin-containing preparation Eternity Liss Acai is fully able to saturate the hair with essential components for normal development.
The product contains berries asai, which supply vitamins B, E, S. The extract invisible light film covers the hair, reducing their harm from the bright summer sun. White clay removes dirt from the surface of the hair and scalp, cleaning the cellular space for free oxygen access. Jojoba oil, which is a universal humidifier for all types of hair extensions, is quickly absorbed by dull hair, turning them into an old, seemingly unreal dream of its owner.

The purpose of liquid keratin is to pull the strands twisted in the rings and waves, lengthening and straightening them.
Thanks to innovative discoveries today insoluble hair situations have practically disappeared. After keratin leveling, you will forget about the morning hairdressing nightmares after getting off the pillow, the sad consequences of rain and snow, after which the developed hair again twisted into ringlets in the morning. Now you can walk safely from morning to mirror, smile at the reflection, proclaim loudly: "Hi, bad weather, you do not hurt me!" - and remain confident in the excellent state of your hair.

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Made in Бразилия
Расход мл 50
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