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Inoar Hair Ghair Straightening

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Inoar Ghair Hair Straightening

To get rid of disobedient hair, shaggy strands, unreasonable volume, because of which individual strands protrude in different directions, the Inoar G-hair complex will help. It refers to professional means for modulating hair, the composition includes shampoo, straightener and mask. The main components: keratin, wheat germ proteins, panthenol, cocoa, jojoba oil. Formaldehyde is added to the rectifying product in a quantity safe for human health. Duration of preservation of straightened hair - up to 6 months. The result depends on the parameters and length of the hair (on short it lasts longer).

  • One procedure is enough to get an excellent result.
  • In total, less time is spent than with constant leveling by "ironing".
  • Straightened ends meet, strands shine with health along the entire length.
  • Hair is actively breathing, electrification is reduced after combing.
  • It is allowed to paint and different types of styling.
  • Hair quickly put in order after the wind and rain.


  • Allergy sufferers may have a negative reaction to formaldehyde substance.
  • The state of the hairstyle will partly depend on the subsequent care.
  • In six months, if you want to again get even strands, the procedure will have to be duplicated.
  • Having fallen into the hands of a master who neglects the nuances of technology straightening, the client risks getting an unhealthy kind of hair and their broken tips. Choose a proven salon with a guarantee of delivering results.


After keratinotherapy, the head is allowed to be washed after 2/3 hours: in the shampoo there should be no sulfates and sodium chloride. Fans of the pool, sauna or sauna are recommended to wear a tight cap during water-thermal procedures. If the vacation is coming, keratin straightening Inoar G-hair is better to postpone until returning from the sea coast. Using a mask with keratin will help maintain hair in a healthy state.
Who does not recommend a formaldehyde formulation
If the hair falls abundantly, they are depleted by the sun and chemical manipulations (painting, small permanent), refrain from leveling with the Inoar G-hair complex: the curls become heavier with keratin, so the loss can intensify. In the beginning, you need to bring your hair into a healthy state.
The procedure is contraindicated for people with oncological diseases, acute and chronic respiratory tract infections, dermatological problems with the scalp. It is better to move the procedure for a while to the ladies in the position and nursing mothers. 

Раньше покупала в круглых белых флаконах, боялась брать но этот тоже отличный.
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