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Eckoz Max Blowout Brazil Nut Hair Mask

SKU: EP-00010-250

Max Blowout Bottoplex Blonde

Botox for hair with the effect of anti-yellowness is the first of its kind product from the famous brand Max Blowout. A reverent attitude to quality allowed the company's experts to create a truly effective and safe means. The specialists searched the product formula for a long time, making countless attempts. The work was crowned with success: we managed to find the perfect composition that had successfully passed months of testing. Botox for blond hair performs two key functions. The first erasure of detected damage. It performs “repair work” at the molecular level, at the same time carrying out treatment and high-quality moisturizing, as well as a smoothing effect. The second function is the installation of a protective barrier preventing similar damage in the future. After that, you can paint curls, expose them to chemical attack and not be afraid of bad consequences. Finally, a solution has been found for owners of light curls. You can buy American MAX BLOWOUT BOTTOPLEXBLONDE hair on our website: profitable, with delivery and with confidence in the original quality of the product.

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