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About the product Omega Nanoplastica Hair Treatmnet €163

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SKU: FP-001-1000

If a woman wants to straighten and restore her hair as safely and efficiently as possible, then she should buy Omega Zero nanoplastic. The main active substances in this case are fatty amino acids and natural plant extracts.

Immediately it is worth highlighting several advantages of this cosmetic. We are talking about:

· Effective straightening, volume reduction and moisturizing hair.

· Guarantees of softness and shine.

· Combined with any type of curls.

· Lack of formaldehyde.

· Security for client and master.

· Long lasting effect up to six months.

· Possibilities of use for pregnant and lactating.


You must understand that the above products are intended for use by a professional specialist. If you perform the procedure at home not according to the instructions, you can damage the hair, after which an expensive restoration is required.

We have Omega Zero nanoplastic, the price is quite low, which attracts many customers. Happy shopping, waiting for your calls!

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