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About the product Richee Botox Blond €26

SKU: RP-004

Richee Sould Blond BTX

Due to the aggressive effects of the external environment, constant staining, the use of styling products, regular blow dryers, a destructive effect on the beauty and health of the strands appears. To this is added a lot of stressful situations, malnutrition, a difficult environmental situation. As a result, only a few enjoy ideal hair. But not all is lost! Thanks to modern cosmetic innovators, the situation is easily and effectively corrected. Enough Botox for hair Richee Sould Blond buy and you can count on smooth, shiny, smooth, healthy and silky curls.

What is typical for Richee Sould Blond?

Richee Sould Blond is a thermoactive product aimed at restoring capillary mass. We are talking about an innovative care system that reduces volume and eliminates fluffy, properly matting light hair.

The composition contains D-panthenol along with hyaluronic acid and blue pigment, which contributes to the restoration of the mass lost by the curls. In addition, yellowness is instantly removed, the hair becomes healthy and radiant.

It must be understood that the Richee Sould Blond hair restoration complex in Kiev contains coloring pigments, so during the procedure you must carefully monitor to properly maintain the composition on the hair.

Application Features Richee Sould Blond

Using the above cosmetics is quite easy:

• Using a deep shampoo, wash your hair several times.
• Dries 50–80 percent with cool air.
• The strands are well smeared, you need to move from the back of the head.
• The composition is aged on curls for about half an hour.
• Then it is washed off.
• Hair is dried with a hairdryer in warm mode.
• An iron is taken, each strand is straightened about 10 times at a temperature of 170-210 degrees.

Richee Sould Blond price is fully justified. This is the choice of both professionals and ordinary customers. As a result of using this product, the hair will become shiny, silky, thick and heavy.

To buy cosmetics, it is recommended to contact our online store, which offers a solid assortment of products at a very reasonable cost. Waiting for your calls!

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