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Base for Keratin and Botox

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You can buy keratin and Botox pads right now on the website of the Keratin.Pro online store! We offer hair restoration pads from the brands Natureza, Tyrrel, Let me be, Molecula, Beox, Love Potion, and many others.

What are hair restoration pads before keratin and Botox?

Hair restoratives are special products that are used to improve the condition of hair before various procedures, such as coloring, perming, keratin straightening, etc. They help to prepare hair for the procedure, fill voids in the hair structure, increase hair elasticity and moisture retention, reduce damage and the risk of hair loss.

There are several types of hair substrates, depending on their function and the type of hair they are suitable for:

  1. Protein (protein) substrates. They contain proteins that fill the voids in the hair structure, strengthen it and provide additional protection. They help to preserve the result of the procedure for a long time and prevent hair damage.
  2. Acidic substrates. They contain acids that help keep hair healthy, strengthen it and prevent damage. Acidic substrates are suitable for fragile and brittle hair.
  3. Lipid substrates. They contain fatty acids and help to moisturize and nourish dry hair, prevent dehydration and damage.

Each type of hair substrate has its own characteristics and is suitable for a certain type of hair. It is important to choose the right type of hair substrate, taking into account the condition of your hair and the type of procedure you are going to perform.

Hair restoration poultices: who are they for?

Hair restoration poultices contain a complex of active substances, such as keratin, proteins, amino acids, collagen, and others, which help to restore hair from the inside. These components fill the hair's porosity, which ensures strength and elasticity. It is important to keep in mind that padding products are not suitable for healthy hair, as they can cause overload and damage. It is also important to choose the right composition of the substrate for a specific hair type, as it can affect the result of the procedure.

After using the substrate, you can immediately start the procedure. The effect of using the substrate is noticeable after the first use, the hair becomes dense, strong and elastic. In case of chemical procedures with hair, it is recommended to consult an experienced master and perform an allergy test to the composition of the substrate.

Buy Keratin and Botox treatment 

Buying a hair restoration substrate is the right choice for those who want healthy, strong, and elastic hair. Thanks to the pads, you will be able to strengthen the structure of your curls before keratin straightening or Botox, get the maximum effect and protect your hair from possible damage.

It is very easy to order hair pads - just choose the right product on the Keratin.Pro website and order it with delivery throughout Ukraine. We guarantee you high quality products and prompt delivery. Don't put off your decision for later and order hair pads right now! Your hair deserves the best, and we will help you achieve the desired result. Contact us for advice and order Keratin.Pro hair pads!