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Treamtnet for damaged hair

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Cold Botox Hair Technique - Straightening without Flat Iron

Over the past decade, hair restoration has become a real panacea in the transformation of appearance. There are more and more different brands of cosmetics for straightening. Basically, these products are keratins, nanoplastics and strong botoxes, the application technology of which involves the final stage in the form of heat treatment of hair with an iron. And it's wonderful if your hair is healthy and strong.

Which Botox to choose if your hair is thin, damaged, brittle?

In this case, there is a specially developed line of treatment called "cold botox." The technique of applying them provides for the rejection of the use of ironing in order to avoid additional thermal damage to the hair. Such a procedure will not be able to provide the same lasting effect as keratin straightening or even “hot botox”, but it will also minimize the possible damage to hair from exposure to high temperatures.

This section contains the most famous and effective means for cold straightening.