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Deep Cleansing Shampoo

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Deep Cleansing Shampoo: what is the purpose?


The main component of hair care is shampoo. It is important that it be appropriate for a particular type of hair, copes well with the task of removing pollution. Modern tools include a natural composition, and also aimed at protecting hairstyles from the destructive influence of the environment. At the same time in recent times, many of the fair sex are interested in what is a technical hair shampoo and why is it generally required?

Why do you need deep cleansing shampoo?


Deep cleansing shampooс is actively used for a variety of purposes:


  • Remove dust and dirt.
  • Get ​​rid of sebum.
  • Remove items remaining after styling products.
  • To achieve the opening of the pores of the dermis and their cleaning.
  • Uncover keratin layers to make them more susceptible for later care.


For some, this may be a surprise, but the tasks described above will not exactly accomplish the standard tools. They cope with the cleaning of the upper layers of the dermis, there is no deep structural penetration, as they are characterized by a neutral pH. The health of the hair is maintained, but problems can be observed with the elimination of serious pollution.


Why do you need tehshampun? It's simple: these tools have an alkaline environment and higher pH compared to standard means. As a result - it is possible to achieve the leaching of small dust accumulations, dirt, sticky components, the dermis and hair are fully freed from chemical residues.


Application features

It is very important to know how to apply tehshampoo on hair. So, it is applied on wet curls and rubbed with the help of massage actions, then left for a few minutes. Subsequently, it is thoroughly washed with warm water. Weekly use recommended. If a girl has dry curls, you can apply it once every two weeks.

Usually, the above shampoo is used before dyeing, chemical perm, lamination and keratin straightening. He copes with the task of removing contaminants from the hair and scalp. Since keratin is often included in the composition, deep penetration into the hair structure is provided.


How to choose tehshampun?

If you have difficulty with the choice, you should contact the managers of the online store and consult with them. They will help determine the best option for your hair type.