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Equipment for spray tan

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Equipment for spray tanning business

The active ingredient is the sprayed suspension, created on the basis of sugar cane, which, falling on the skin, interacts with the cells of the epidermis. The application takes place in the booth of the beauty salon, where the girl goes in a bathing suit.
There are 2 methods for obtaining a bronze (and who needs - lighter) skin tone. Spray device applies a means of penetrating into the upper layers of the epidermis. The active substance is supplied under high or low pressure. In the first case, sputtering occurs through the formation of a cloud, the particles of which are deposited on the skin. The quality is average, not all microparticles fall on the skin. In the equipment with low pressure, the dispersed substance is supplied more evenly, therefore, this method is chosen more often. Cabins with automatic dispersion exclude the presence of a stranger.
Skin staining persists for 5-10 days (for blondes and red-haired girls with freckles, the results will be more modest). On the face, which is often subjected to washing and cleaning, tan will be visible up to 4 days.

How to prepare before sunless tan?

You will not get the expected result if you just come to the salon. You must first prepare the skin for the session.
A day or two before visiting the salon, exclude from your arsenal of beauty and purity deodorants, body care products, including moisturizers, perfumes, cleansing gels, and aromatic soap (replace it with children).
For those who can afford it, we recommend to make a laser peeling, which evens the surface of the skin on the body, removing dead skin scaly particles. You can also perform deep cleaning of the skin at home by purchasing an apricot kernel scrub or walnut shell. Compositions with ground coffee beans and fruit products are best set aside.

What to do next

You want to admire the dark figure and the face longer, is not it?

Follow the simple rules:

After the procedure, dress up in spacious clothes. This will help the active substance to be absorbed into the skin.
For the time of "wearing" tan, give up the bath, sauna, swimming pool (the latter - because of chlorinated water, which will actively interact with the coloring matter). When taking a shower, make the water cool or slightly warm.
Dress according to the weather: thermal heating of the body, which causes excessive sweating, will negatively affect the intensity of tanning.
No body wraps, epilations, chocolate masks, anti-cellulite and other cosmetology services that imply a mechanical effect on the skin.

Benefits of spray tan:

1. The procedure is available in any season. Imagine your magnificent tanned image against the backdrop of bright, white snow! As if you came back from warm abroad, where summer is all year round. The secret to disclose is not necessary, even if there is intrigue.

2. 8 hours later, you can take a warm shower to feel the purity of the body after the session. Part of the paint will come down - this is normal, the one that is not absorbed is removed.

3. This procedure is a cross between tanning and tanning. Cream for tanning provides not always successful application and is characterized by a short interval of "chocolate magic." Solarium due to the penetration of rays is harmful, as it provokes the formation of cancer cells. For instant tanning is used spray, which consists of useful oils, caring for the skin.

4. The possibility of uniform application provides a uniform layer of tan. The procedure is completely painless and not dangerous.

5. Skin staining is suitable for both sexes. If the first time you received not enough dark skin tone, you can again use the booth, after 2-3 days.

And if you do not like it?
This also happens. You have not calculated in advance that a strong tan on your face will add a few years? Unnoticeable wrinkles on light skin are brightly shown when brown tone is added to the face.
The skin has a heterogeneous texture, there are small rashes, acne, red-blue acne, vitiligo? Sunburn will not hide these problems, but rather the opposite - will exacerbate the defects of appearance. Only in the case of vitiligo, aerosagars often successfully “equalize” non-uniformity of pigmentation, partially hiding this feature.

In any case, diseases of the skin, before ordering the procedure for an instant tanning consult with a dermatologist.


It is believed that cane sugar is absolutely harmless in chemical terms, therefore, an instant tan is not prohibited for pregnant women and girls aged 16 to 18 years. The only reason to abandon the session in advance is personal intolerance to the components of lotions, most of which are hypoallergenic.

We wish you to surprise those around you with Hollywood tan on New Year's Day, March 8th, birthday, Valentine's Day and just in time.