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Beox Professional

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Beox Professional is the choice for those who value the health and beauty of their hair. This brand has quickly gained the trust of customers around the world due to its high efficiency and innovative solutions. The production of Beox Professional is distinguished by its excellence and the use of advanced technologies. The cost of the products is offset by outstanding results and long-lasting effects. Recognized in 97 countries, the Beox Professional brand has surpassed the standards of hair beauty and health with its innovative approach and has become accessible to everyone. This is a unique line of natural cosmetics that takes into account the individual needs of each client.

The range of the Beox brand:

  • Keratin for hair: Provides maximum care and restoration without aggressive substances.
  • Nanoplastic for hair: Safely straightens your curls.
  • Cold Repair: Provides nourishment and moisture to dry, brittle and dull hair.
  • Hair Botox: Moisturizes and makes your locks look healthier and more attractive.

Beox Professional lines include:

  1. Acai Nutri Care: Provides complete nutrition to the hair with acai extract.
  2. Beplex: Protects hair during coloring and helps keep it healthy.
  3. Be.Tox: Gives hair smoothness and shine in one step.
  4. Brazilian Curly: Gives curly hair a careful touch.
  5. Dream Hair: Provides indelible care and protection from damage.
  6. Keraprime: Deeply restores hair and protects color.
  7. Keraprime Solution: Offers fast hair straightening and shine.
  8. Royal Gold 24k: Leaves hair smooth, straight and shiny.
  9. SOS Unbreakable: Quickly repairs hair and scalp.
  10. Special D'OR: Provides care and styling.
  11. Versaty Pro: Hair care with seaweed.
  12. KeraCoffee Vegan: Offers recovery without toxic ingredients.

Where to buy Beox products in Ukraine?

Beox Professional products can be purchased at the Keratin.pro cosmetics store, where only original products for all hair types are available. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine daily. Choose Beox Professional products now on the Keratin.pro website and give your hair maximum care and beauty!

Beox Professional is a high-quality brand of professional hair cosmetics that has quickly gained popularity among customers in more than 97 countries. Its products are characterized by high efficiency and innovative solutions aimed at hair restoration and health. Beox Professional offers a wide range of hair care products, including keratin products, nanoplastics, cold repair and cold Botox.

The Beox product lines include a variety of hair restoration, nourishment and styling products aimed at meeting individual customer needs. In addition, the brand is constantly bringing new innovative products to the market, which confirms its leadership position in the field of beauty and hair care.