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Hair restoration products

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You can easily buy professional products for hair restoration and reconstruction at home on the website of the Keratin.Pro online store. Our assortment includes ampoules for hair restoration, cold botox, keratin and botox substrates. Try the products manufactured by  deeplyBeoxNaturezaLet Me Be and make sure they are effective. We offer only original products, confirmed by quality certificates!

Ampoules for hair restoration

Hair ampoules can solve a variety of problems, such as loss of shine and softness, brittleness, hair loss, weakness, and dullness. They are suitable for all hair types and can be used as an additional tool in your care routine. For best results, use hair ampoules according to the instructions.

Hair ampoules can be used as a one-time treatment or as a course of treatment, depending on the condition of the hair and the recommendations of the trichologist. Using hair ampoules in a course can provide long-lasting hair restoration results. At Keratin.Pro you can find a wide range of hair ampoules from leading manufacturers such as VitaelRichee.

Cold Botox for hair 

The cold Botox procedure can improve hair condition, make it soft, healthy, shiny, and reduce brittleness. Depending on the manufacturer and composition of the product, the effect can last up to two to three months. The procedure involves applying a special product to the hair, which is then distributed over the entire length of the hair and remains on it for a certain time. The product does not require heating and does not need additional exposure, so it is safer for hair compared to other procedures. On the Keratin.Pro website, you can find a wide range of cold Botox products from leading manufacturers.

Keratin and Botox substrates 

A keratin straightening or Botox primer is a composition that is applied to the hair during the procedure. It contains special ingredients that help to fill the cavities in the hair structure caused by damage, for example, from chemical exposure, dyeing, temperature changes, etc.

The keratin substrate is an important step in the keratin straightening procedure, as it helps to fill the cavities in the hair structure, create a framework and provide additional protection and nutrition.

Buy hair restoration products on the Keratin.Pro website: payment, delivery and reviews

Our online store offers a wide range of products for hair restoration and reconstruction at affordable prices. We guarantee the quality of all the products we sell, as well as fast delivery to any place in Ukraine. Contact us for advice on choosing hair restoration products, and we will be happy to help you!