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Botex Honma Tokyo (WENNOZ) H-Brush B.tox Platinum

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SKU: HT073

Honma Tokyo (WENNOZ) H-Brush B.tox Platinum

Honto Tokyo H-BRUSH Botox platinum Botox for hair straightening is a practical means of professional care, even for those curls that were damaged as much as possible. Permanent dyeing, chemical exposure and aggressive environmental effects make the hair older, it fades, breaks and does not obey. It is good that there is a real solution to this problem. It is enough to buy Botox for hair Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Botox platinum and you can count on the brightness, shine and elasticity of the curls.

In Japan, experts conducted research and development, thanks to which they managed to create a unique combination of components that can quickly heal destructive sites, restore membranes between cells, fill the void and make hair as obedient as possible for a long time. Already many were able to make sure that the above substances really quickly normalize the structure of the curls.

What features of the set can be identified?

Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Botox platinum has become a highly sought-after and popular tool, since it has some original features:

  • Compared with keratin care, Botox is not aimed at straightening, it makes them as structured as possible.
  • Products aimed at working from the inside. In the composition there is a mass of useful components. Such a rich set of natural substances allows one hundred percent to fill the hair structure and act as a cellular renovator, renew the natural beauty of the hair.
  • There are no aggressive chemical compounds in the product.

To make Botox for Honma Tokyo H-BRUSH Botox platinum hair, the price was quite adequate, it is recommended to contact our well-proven online store and stop your choice here. Have a nice shopping!

Free Samples of Beos Solution with Honma Orders:

Upon purchase of Honma Tokyo 1000 ml - as a gift Love Potion Gelatina nanoplats 100 ml

Upon purchase of Honma Tokyo 250 ml - as a gift Love Potion Gelatina nanoplastic 50 ml

The offer does not apply to probes 50 and 100 ml

Скажіть будь ласка ,а інструкцію до використання Ви надаєте ?
Це холодный чи гарячий ботокс?
Настя , Вітаю, це гарячий ботокс.
Добрый день, осуществляете доставку в Испанию? Сколько по времени длится доставка и каким способом : до пункта почтового отделения или напрямую получателю? Заранее благодарю за ответ.
Светлана, Вітаю! Відправляємо Укрпоштою, термін доставки до 3 тижнів. За детальною інформацією напишіть будь ласка нам в месенджер.
Лише для блонду?Чи підходить для будь-якого волосся?
Подскажите цену 500 мл состава и делаете ли вы отправку в Польшу?

Анна лубенец, Доброго дня! Відправляємо в Польшу! Вартісь 500 мл - 2000 грн
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