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Botex MY Cosmetics BTX Diamond

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Botox MY Cosmetics BTX Diamond

BTX Diamond Botox by My Cosmetics is a new generation product that will provide your hair with therapeutic care and give it a perfect look. Its composition contains components that nourish and restore hair, ensuring softness and smoothness of curls. In addition, BTX Diamond contains a special blue pigment that gives your hair a noble shade and provides incredible shine.

The product is suitable for all hair types, including those that have been damaged by weather conditions, chemical treatments or excessive heat treatment. It has a deep moisturizing effect on the hair, making it soft and elastic, and prevents further damage Botox BTX Diamond has a pleasant smell and soft consistency, which allows you to evenly distribute the product on the hair and provides comfort during the procedure. 


1. Wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo, apply evenly to the scalp, massage. Gently stretch the foam formed on the skin along the length of the hair, then rinse.
2. Dry your hair 100%.
3. Apply the product evenly along the entire length of the hair, from root to tip (1 cm from the scalp).
4. Leave to act for 30 minutes.
5. Dry your hair with a hair dryer without rinsing it off.
6. Divide the hair into four parts and straighten the strands with thin strands with an iron 15 - 20 times at a temperature of 200°C to 230°C (depending on the condition of the hair).
7. Style your hair as you wish.

You can buy Botox MY Cosmetics BTX Diamond in the online store of hair cosmetics Keratin.Pro. Affordable price, customer reviews and free delivery - all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and other cities). On the Keratin.Pro website you can buy professional cosmetics for hair straightening and restoration from well-known manufacturers. Contact our store managers if you have any questions.

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