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Love Potion Gelatina Matizadora Collagen

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SKU: LP0105

Collagen filler LOVE POTION Gelatina Matizadora 1000 ml

Original packaging - 1000 ml

Bottling - 500, 250, 100, 50 ml 

Collagen filler LOVE POTION Gelatina Matizadora is a popular product in the market of cosmetic hair care, not only in Brazil and a huge number of other countries, but also in Ukraine. The main feature of the formula of this product is the presence of hydrolyzed collagen, which additionally saturates the hair, affecting their cuticular layer from the inside. The main effects of this tool should include:

  •  recovery;
  • hydration;
  • reconstruction of the hair structure;
  • nutrition with useful elements.

With the help of LOVE POTION Gelatina Matizadora collagen replenishment, every woman is able to make her curls elastic, shiny and durable. In addition, the special formula of the replenishment helps protect the hair from negative effects from the environment.
The manufacturer focuses on the fact that the formula does not contain formaldehyde and any other similar chemicals that adversely affect human health. Thus, this product can be used by pregnant and lactating women, as well as adolescents. LOVE POTION Gelatina Matizadora is a great way to take care of both the appearance and the health of your own curls.

Mode of application(instructions)

In order to achieve the maximum effect of the remedy, you should perform the following actions:

1. Wash your hair twice with deep shampoo, which removes all unnecessary elements and prepares curls for processing. The second time, after you froth your head, leave the shampoo for 5 minutes.

2. Apply the product to moistened hair with your own hands and evenly distribute it along the entire length of the strands.

3. Leave the product for 15-30 minutes, depending on the degree of damage to the hair.

4. Rinse with water about 80% of the product, and then completely dry your hair with a hairdryer.

5. Use a special iron to fix the result. The number of broaches - 8-10 times.

That's all. In less than an hour you can enjoy your own updated curls.
You can buy LOVE POTION Gelatina Matizadora collagen replenishment in our online store, with the help of which care for your own curls will not take you much time and effort. We offer only quality products from leading manufacturers in the world.

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