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Ykas Profissional

Incredibly common and popular among girls is considered Yukas keratin. It is aimed at instant straightening and deep hydration of curls during the procedure. The composition has a very high regenerating ability. Hair almost immediately acquires a more dense, disciplined form, becoming soft. It is because of its glitter strands begin to look the most attractive and generally make the image more elegant.

Ykas keratin can be bought in a complete set, which consists of:

  • Preparing shampoo deep cleaning. His main task is to thoroughly clean and open the cuticle layer so that the curls are prepared for the procedure itself.
  • Means of reconstruction and straightening. The unique reconstruction formula implies cysteine ​​and keratin. They restore hair, make hair massive and smooth it properly.
  • Restorative mask. It is used at the end of the procedure. It has deep moisturizing properties, fully nourishes and tightens the hair. As a result, the hair becomes soft, shiny and looks great.

In order for a purchase to justify expectations, it is necessary to know the principle of the procedure itself and what sequence should be followed:

  • The hair is washed out with the help of deep cleaning shampoo. It stays on the curls for a couple of minutes, and then washed off. This process is repeated 2-3 times.
  • The shag should be completely dry.
  • Curls are divided into several equal parts, keratin composition is applied with a brush. It is necessary to act carefully and indent 1 centimeter from the scalp.
  • The composition is aged for about 20 minutes, after which the hair is dried again.
  • There is a division into strands and straightening begins. With the help ironing done on 10 broaches for each strand.
  • The hair cools down, and the composition is washed off with water, then a special mask is applied.

As practice shows, recently girls want not only to buy Ykas Treatmnet. Botox products from this brand are especially popular. We are talking about reconstructive masks that serve to restore nutrients and ensure shine, softness, hydration, volume control, leveling and sealing.

Unfortunately, some ladies hair is in too serious condition. The only real solution to this problem will be the purchase of Ykas Professional funds in the form of extreme restoration masks, which are actively used for curls that have been damaged and weakened. In their formula, low molecular weight amino acids, keratin, hydrolyzed keratin, agran oil and many other useful components are present. Due to the complex effect, it is possible to quickly restore damaged hair, deeply moisten it, intensively nourish it and saturate it with everything necessary. As a result - any woman can count on the presence of elastic, voluminous, silky and healthy hair.

Bargain Guarantee

Keratin Pro is an online store of professional cosmetics for hair, where everyone has the opportunity to order inexpensive and high-quality products aimed at restoring and straightening curls. We are talking about high-quality keratin, Botox, nanoplasty, special masks and products for daily care. The range consists of products from global and well-established brands, one of which with confidence can be called Ykas Professional.

Ykas keratin price is very acceptable, which allows you to make purchases even for girls with a minimum budget. In this case, the main active ingredient is a natural natural protein, which, without changing the hair texture, envelops it with a thin film and serves to seal the smallest irregularities. After the procedure, the hair gets its original healthy shape, ceases to absorb excess moisture and looks great.

If customers have any questions related to the delivery of goods, the nuances of cooperation or the characteristics of the compositions, it is strongly recommended to contact qualified managers of the online store and consult them in detail. We are waiting for your calls and wish you a good choice!