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Free Sulphate Shampoo Mar Negro Amx Length

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SKU: MN-0004

Even the most healthy hair needs regular cleansing - it is recommended to repeat this process about 2-3 times a week. It is equally important to use exceptionally high-quality and effective, safe means that will definitely not harm the curls. Unfortunately, today many people buy shampoos with sulfates, which have a destructive effect on the hair. Over time, they cause irritation and many other problems. That is why you should buy Mar Negro sulfate-free shampoo, which will change the condition of the strands for the better and make them healthy, beautiful, and most importantly, will preserve the effect of keratin straightening for a long time.

What is typical for Mar Negro sulfate-free shampoo?

As you know, the composition of many shampoos includes laureth sulfate or lauryl sulfate - we are talking about cheap aggressive blowing agents. Due to the means based on sodium sulfate, the skin is very dry, irritated, fragility of the hair is provoked.

In this regard, today many girls want to order Mar Negro sulfate-free shampoo - professional cosmetics, which is based on activated carbon, which has a detox effect and fully cleanses the scalp.

Betaines act as a blowing agent in this tool along with high-quality succinic acid - disodium sulfosuccinate laureth. If we consider the structure of sulfosuccinate, it will become clear that this is a larger molecule compared to standard surfactants, so it will never penetrate the skin. Even in excessive concentrations, such ingredients are not toxic. According to experts, such substances are more delicate and effective than standard sulfates. As a result of the application of the above products, skin irritation is reduced, while it has excellent washing ability and is easily washed off.

In addition to the fact that the price of Mar Negro sulfate-free shampoo is quite reasonable, a number of other indisputable advantages can be highlighted:

  • Excellent compatibility with the skin and mucous membrane, no harm, even in the case of high concentration.
  • Complete absence of irritation with regular use.
  • Stability and perfect foam resistance even under hard water.
  • A significant reduction in the degree of leaching of the shade of hair.
  • The formation of a thin creamy foam with excellent cleaning properties.
  • The specific application of sulfate-free shampoo

The above products have their own differences, so before using it, it is better to read Mar Negro sulfate-free shampoo reviews in order to understand how to use it correctly. It is recommended to apply a small amount of liquid to dirty hair twice, soap and hold on the head for 1-2 minutes. Then the foam and the remnants of the product are thoroughly washed off.

According to users, the action will not be instantaneous, because curls accustomed to chemicals do not come to life immediately. The first results can be discussed after a couple of weeks. Thus, the sulfate-free shampoo from the manufacturer Mar Negro can safely be called an excellent example of safe and high-quality hair care products. In its composition there are no harmful preservatives that have a negative effect on the strands and their condition in the future. To purchase this shampoo, it is recommended to contact the Keratin Pro online store.

Here it will not be difficult to get acquainted with the properties of certain funds, as well as to choose the best option for yourself. If necessary, qualified managers will help make the right choice.

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