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Sprays and two-phase sprays for hair

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A hair spray is a cosmetic product in the form of a liquid that is intended to be applied to the hair with a sprayer. It has different formulas and functions, which may include hairstyle fixation, moisturizing, protection from heat damage, volume, shine, etc. Hair sprays are often used to style hair, increase its strength and appearance. They can have a light texture, do not stick hair together, and allow for easy hairstyle modeling. This product is popular among people who care about their hair and want to achieve a certain stylistic effect.

Here are some types of hair sprays:

  1. Holding spray: used to fix the hairstyle and maintain the shape of the hair for a long time. This spray helps to hold the hair in place and prevents it from frizzing.
  2. Heat Protective Spray: Protects hair from damage caused by high temperatures when using hair irons, blow dryers or other heat tools. This spray creates a protective layer around the hair to help keep it healthy.
  3. Moisturizing spray: contains ingredients that moisturize the hair and fight dryness. Using this spray helps keep your hair smooth and supple.
  4. Volumizing spray: adds volume and texture to the hair by increasing its volume. This spray can be useful for creating lush hairstyles.
  5. Multi-purpose spray: A combination of several functions, including fixation, moisturizing and thermal protection. This type of hair spray provides comprehensive care and protection for your hair.

Each type of spray has its own characteristics and is used depending on the needs and type of hair. It is recommended to choose the spray that best suits your needs and requirements.

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