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Brazilian hair treatment

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What is keratin and why is it needed?

The main elements of the ideal image of a woman are not only her clothes, shoes, make-up, but her hair. With daily procedures for drying, styling, the hair deteriorates. Health strands depends on various proteins, among which the most important is keratin.

The benefits of keratin

This protein is, in fact, the main building material for hair. Saturation will help them to restore the structure of damaged curls, to protect them from negative effects of external factors: temperature changes, frequent painting procedures, use of hair dryers, ironing and other devices for drying and styling.

If you are the owner of dyed, dry and damaged hair, then the keratin should pay attention first. After all, its lack leads to the fact that the structure becomes fragile and porous. As a result, the scales of the hair do not adhere to each other, and the curls look dull and lifeless.


The main signs of a lack of keratin and indications for carrying out restoration activities are:

· The tips of the tips;


Strands are badly combed, confused;

· Friability;

· Electrification;


To restore the strands of their vitality, brilliance and beauty, it is necessary to replenish the supply of this protein in the body. It is recommended to use keratin for hair. Conventional hair care products clean the skin surface, however, do not provide the necessary nutrition. For this purpose it is necessary to choose special shampoos, masks, restoring complexes, botox for hair, keratin for hair straightening.

A hair care product should be chosen carefully. Pay attention to:

· Manufacturer;

· Composition of the product (with or without formaldehyde);

· For what type of hair and scalp is suitable (normal, sensitive, etc.);

· Instructions for use;

· The need to use special tools after recovery.

You can buy keratin not only as a separate tool, but also as a kit. The kit usually includes shampoo, conditioner, balm, mask or oils. This option will be useful not only for those who want to change disobedient strands, but also for owners of dry, thinned ringlets.

Forward for shopping
Beautiful, shiny and obedient strands - that's what every girl's goal strives for. And special keratin drugs that can be bought in our store are able to help in this.

Keratin Pro - the best supermarket, which presents an assortment of professional hair care products at affordable prices. Here you can see the products of such famous brands as:

· Beox;

· Cocochoco;

· Eternity Liss;

· GKhair;

· Inoar;

· Luxliss;

· ESK;

· Lagrace.

Selecting special shampoos, funds for Brazilian hair straightening, they are very easy to order. Delivery is carried out by transport companies in the shortest time, both in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine in the closest branch for you or by courier.