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Hair Expert Hair Cleaning Brush

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SKU: KRT0004

Hair Expert Hair Cleaning Brush

The shampooing brush will help you foam the cleanser easily, rinse your hair qualitatively, and provide the skin with a good massage. Massaging the skin accelerates blood microcirculation in the tissues, strengthens follicles, and activates the growth of new healthy hairs. The round shampooing brush is made of durable plastic, has a comfortable handle, and is the perfect size for effective hair and skin care. Use it for shampoos and other hair products, such as lotions and balms, and for massaging after applying treatment products to the skin. Regular use results in healthy and attractive hair that grows quickly and falls out less. The shaver brush is equipped with a small handle, thanks to which the device does not slip and fits comfortably in hand.

Шикарний вибір кольорів!
Вже не уявляю, як взагалі можна мити голову без неї :))
Масаж нею те що треба👌🏻
Після її використання почало швидше рости волосся 🥰 рекомендую!!!!
Палітра неймовірна) Гарно справляється!
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