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Raywell Milano

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Raywell Milano - Hair care cosmetics

Every day, faced with aggressive external factors (styling products, coloring, irons and hair dryers, ultraviolet light, etc.), even the strongest hair loses its vitality, becomes dull and brittle, fortunately, you can return a beautiful and healthy look to your curls. Introducing the leading Italian brand of hair cosmetics Raywell. The long history of the company has proven that its products are the best that can be given to weakened and depleted strands.

A little about the brand

Raywell hair cosmetics first hit store shelves back in 1987. Originating in Milan, the brand's products soon spread throughout Italy, and a few years later around the world.

The brand offers professional hair care. Many stylists have managed to assess the quality and effectiveness of products. During the existence of the company, manufacturers have managed to significantly improve the composition, develop unique formulas and launch the widest range of hair cosmetics on the market.

Today Raywell products are exported to over 20 countries around the world. The brand is also developing products for home use, making hair care much easier.

Features and benefits of Raywell hair products
Raywell is one of the largest Italian brands for the production of styling and healing products for damaged curls. The company's products are now known in the circles of many stylists. And this is not surprising - Raywell hair cosmetics have many advantages:

Profitable price. At the most affordable cost, you get products that, in terms of composition and efficiency, are not inferior to luxury hair cosmetics.
The products are not tested on animals, which is especially important today, when the cruelty free movement is gaining momentum.
The company has its own laboratories. All products are thoroughly tested and observed by specialists at every stage of creation. Raywell cosmetics comply with all world norms and quality standards.
Leading European dermatologists and cosmetologists are working on the creation of products. Experts managed to create a completely safe composition that does not cause allergic reactions, irritations, etc.
Lack of harmful components. Raywell has long focused on sulfate-free products. Also, among the components, you will not find parabens and formaldehydes.
In addition to active ingredients, Raywell cosmetics also contain natural beneficial substances: essential oils, extracts of useful plants, a complex of vitamins, etc. All this allows you to make the strands stronger, return them a healthy glow, silkiness and elasticity.

A large selection of cosmetics for your hair from Raywell

Another advantage that Ravel cosmetics has is a wide range of products. This allows every woman to find a product that is perfect for her hair type. Today, the following brand products are presented on store shelves:

Shampoos. The brand offers a large selection of shampoos: moisturizing, anti-hair loss (for women and men), for oily scalp, to create volume, etc. It contains a lot of phytocomponents, which, with regular use of the shampoo, have a cumulative effect and allow you to achieve ideal results even at home.

Masks. Each mask is based on herbal ingredients. Penetrating deep into the hair structure, essential oils and extracts fill the damaged areas, nourish and moisturize the curls, and significantly simplify the combing process.
Thermal protection. Covers your hair with a special protective film that avoids the effects of aggressive external factors. Now you can use curling irons and irons without worrying that they can damage the strands.

Hair reconstructor. Restores damaged hair structure, penetrating deep into the strands. Suitable for curls after dyeing, perming, etc.
Keratin based products. They have a straightening effect, allowing you to get rid of naughty and fluffy curls for a long time.
You can buy Raywell hair cosmetics (Ukraine) right now on the website of our online store. The natural composition, unique formula and modern approach to creating care products have made the brand popular all over the world. Experienced craftsmen leave positive feedback on Raywell products and note their effectiveness and delicate care for your curls. Return your hair to health and enjoy silky and shiny strands after the first treatment!