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Cocochoco Volume Boosting Shampoo

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Cocochoco Volume Boosting Ceramide Shampoo

If your hair catastrophically lacks puffiness, pay attention to the Israeli shampoo Cocochoco Volume Boosting Ceramide. It, like the rest of the Kokochoko product range, is hygienically safe, so it can be recommended to people with allergic manifestations.

  • Economical consumption. It's nice when you do not have to often check how much the product is left in the bottle.
  • The basis of the product is keratin. It delivers the necessary moisture to the hair and, together with the ingredients introduced into the components, provides a rise in the head of hear in the root zone.
  • In the products of competitors, one can find pearled microparticles, which provide shine to the hair. But at the same time the product makes the hair more heavy. In Cocochoco Volume Boosting Ceramide there are no artificial additives, so the hair easily perceives the components of the shampoo, evenly rising in the growth zone.
  • To create a splendor, 2 technologies are used: penetration of active substances in depth and external enveloping of hair. The tandem of the two methods provides an excellent result, which is visible after the first wash.
  • Cocochoco Volume Boosting Ceramide includes mild detergents and nutritional ingredients. If you enter Volume Boosting Ceramide shampoo into the hair care system, you get gentle, nourishing and moisturizing care, accompanied by a visual increase in hair.
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