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KV1 Professional

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Kv-1 - professional cosmetics from Spain

KV-1 is a world-famous brand originally from Spain, which specializes in the design and manufacture of professional cosmetics. For more than 30 years, specialists who work outside the walls of the company's laboratories have been constantly offering customers high-quality and useful products. With her help, absolutely every woman will be able to provide useful and modern care for her appearance.

Spanish professional cosmetics KV-1 is certified by all major international organizations, including the IDI laboratory in Barcelona. This ensures that the goods comply with European and international standards.

Key Features of KV-1 Products

In developing new tools, the company primarily relies on new technologies. In this way you can get a truly innovative product that will create a sensation in the market. And to be honest, KV-1 regularly surprises by creating and combining all kinds of tools and ingredients. When buying company products, you can be absolutely sure that its effectiveness has been thoroughly tested and investigated.

Basically, KV-1 offers for its customers restorative and anti-aging drugs that are able to act at the cellular level. The composition of the products positively affects the scalp, and also changes the structure of damaged hair from the inside.

KV-1 products are suitable for both salon and home use. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand is popular among women who do not have additional time to visit beauty salons.

The secret to the effectiveness of KV-1 products lies in the most balanced composition, which includes only natural and proven ingredients. Mostly used components that are already widely established in the market of cosmetics for hair, such as:

  • keratin - a potent ingredient that provides straightening, discipline and restoration of curls;
  • collagen - a natural component that is contained in the structure of our hair, rejuvenates and restores damaged hair;
  • arginine - this amino acid provides rejuvenation of the strands, and also helps to eliminate problems with the scalp;
  • panthenol - a common ingredient that moisturizes and restores damaged hair;
  • extracts and extracts from natural products - these ingredients contain a whole range of useful vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which invariably positively affect the health of our hair.

The price of KV-1 hair cosmetics is also another advantage of this company. And the economical expense of funds will allow you to enjoy the quality of goods over a long period of time.

Product Range KV-1

For its customers, KV-1 offers a range of drugs and products, the purpose of which is to provide the most comprehensive care for your hair. In the range of products you can find:

  1. cleansing shampoos;
  2. moisturizing masks;
  3. reconstructive creams.
  4. However, the flagship of KV-1 products is essence shots l + b2 botox for hair. Its composition allows you to count on hair straightening and restoration, returning shine and increasing obedience. This way you can use any styling you can think of or see.

You can buy KV-1 hair products in Ukraine in our online store. We offer a wide range of products with which you can always take care of the health of your own hair.