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Mar negro Hair Care Products

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Mar Negro is the new Ukrainian-Chinese brand, "privat label" from Odessa. He implements hair cosmetics designed for the needs of our market. Thanks to such effective means, girls will be able to count on smooth, shiny, silky and soft hair, finally get rid of fluffy, split ends, dryness and many other problems.

What Mar Negro cosmetics do we offer?

Mar Negro hair cosmetics has a strong effect on the condition of curls. With its help, the structure of the strands quickly changes, they become stronger, healthier, and with complex care the effect will remain for a long time. Thanks to well-chosen shampoos, it will be possible to cleanse the hair of impurities and cover them with an invisible film that protects against negative external influences. Filler and keratin, in turn, will restore and heal the curl from the inside, as a result of which in just a couple of days it will be possible to create a completely new image and enjoy perfect, even, smooth hair. The catalog of our online store contains the following hair cosmetics Mar Negro:

  • Filler. It has a quick and effective action. It easily penetrates the structure of the hair, promotes restoration and recovery. In the shortest possible time, the condition of weakened and damaged curls improves significantly. This will take literally a few minutes.
  • Sulfate-free shampoo. It is a safe and high-quality product that is recommended to be used after keratin straightening. In such shampoos there are no harmful preservatives that have a destructive effect on the health of the strands.
  • Shampoo deep cleaning. It has an alkaline environment, which allows its substances to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and eliminate adhering particles of dirt, dust, soot, excess sebum, silicone film, styling residues, coloring agents and much more.
  • Keratin Mar Negro. Able to make curls healthy, vibrant, long and smooth. Hydrolyzed keratin along with soy protein restores strands, they become obedient. The presence of fruit and mineral oils in the composition allows you to soften the hair cortex and make them more elastic. Thanks to citric acid and olive oil, the moisture balance is evened out, and the locks begin to look like girls from glossy covers.

As you know, the condition of their curls largely depends on the hair cosmetics that women use. If low-quality products are used, it is unlikely that one can count on dense, voluminous, elastic, dense and life-filled strands. However, there is a way! And this is the Ukrainian cosmetics Mar Negro, which works to moisturize and saturate the hair with useful substances that have an exceptionally positive effect on their general condition and make strands more attractive in the future.

Why is it worth cooperating with us?
Is the hair excessively dry or oily? The tips began to split, but did you have to forget about smoothness, silkiness? In this case, it is strongly recommended to buy Mar Negro cosmetics. You can do this in our proven Keratin Pro online store. All products are accompanied by a detailed description of their useful properties and photographs, so that it is easier for customers to make a choice and get acquainted with the products.

By the way, Mar Negro cosmetics prices are very reasonable, as it produces a domestic young manufacturer. Adequate cost does not affect quality. Already many girls were able to verify the effectiveness of the above products - they finally forgot about split ends, brittleness, confusion, dullness and other similar problems.

Delivery to any Ukrainian settlements is possible. Several payment methods are offered. If additional questions arise, it is better to call managers and consult with them in detail.