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Keratin Richee Prof

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Richee professional

Richee's brand history begins in a place that embodies elegance, beauty, style. We are talking about Paris, where specialists are very attentive to the process of production of goods and offer exceptionally high quality products. Richee professional hair care products are in high demand both among professional hairdressers and regular clients. Many have already been able to see how many benefits are characteristic of them.

The main range of Richee professional

Richee professional can be purchased for a variety of purposes. The brand offers a huge product line, so any representative of the beautiful floor will easily determine the best option:

• Argan e Ojon. Is a powerful enough system that perfectly straightens hair for about six months. The composition includes argan oil, Ojon oil and D-Pantenol. This formula works to moisturize the curls, giving them silkiness and a brilliant shine. Cosmetics will be suitable for discolored hair, can even straighten African curls, and most importantly - does not change the shade of hair. The kit comes with a deep cleansing shampoo, a moisturizing mask that restores and closes the hair cuticle, providing protection against destructive external effects.
• NanoBotox Repair. This composition is able to professionally restore the curls, restore the lost mass and compensate for keratin loss. The product consists of hydrolyzed keratin, several oils, arabic coffee extract. When the procedure is completed, the girl will be able to count on thick, moisturized and smoothed, incredibly shiny hair.
• Richee professional BioPlastica capilar. The above company proposes to use bioplastic, which eliminates unwanted volume and deeply moisturizing hair. The product contains Omega Plus oils and nutrients aimed at immediate restoration of curls when straightened. One of the advantages is the absence of formaldehyde.
• Botox Soul Blond. It is a thermoactive product that helps to restore the capillary mass. Thanks to this state-of-the-art care system, volume is reduced and the fluffiness of the curls is eliminated, blond hair is matte. Among other things, light hair removes the yellowness, they begin to shine fully and look healthy.

Why are many opting for this brand of cosmetics?

It is not for nothing that many hairdressers today want to buy Richee professional in Kiev, which meet the highest requirements and guarantee an exceptionally positive result. Now every girl will have the opportunity to enjoy shiny, smooth, silky and smooth curls, which previously had only been dreamed of.

Each curl has a beauty that must be revealed. Thanks to the excellent results of the Richee brand, we achieved a high level of quality, the use of effective raw materials, which guarantees change in the shortest possible time and for a long time.

Richee professional prices depend directly on what set your client wants to purchase. If you have any additional questions, be sure to contact the managers of our online store. They will help you make the right choice, talk about the characteristics of cosmetics and give a lot of useful tips. We are waiting for your calls!