Every day, our hair is exposed to bad effects - we use all sorts of styling products, use a hairdryer and a variety of irons. It is worth mentioning the negative atmospheric effects, all sorts of stress and unhealthy diet. Not surprisingly, there are not so many owners of gorgeous shovels of hair. Therefore, it is important to carefully care for the curls so that they are healthy and shiny.

In a variety of treatments for curls easy to get confused. But Botox for hair remains one of the most popular - it is a procedure that restores and heals strands, saturating them with useful components.

Botox for hair and its beneficial effects
The composition of Botox hair will please everyone: there are vitamins of different groups, elastin, keratin, hyaluronka, aloe vera extract, as well as various amino acids and oils. Such components help to strengthen the hair, as well as to ensure their flexibility. They also stimulate the metabolic process and hair growth.

What makes botox for hair? It has an internal effect on the structure and fills all the damage. The procedure has a cumulative effect, and as a result, each becomes more dense and elastic. The result can last up to 60-90 days, after which the course should be repeated.

Try the procedure should be if you have:

brittle hair is observed;
dry and naughty strands;
long hair and split ends;
cold-colored hair;
curls are pushed and electrified;
lost healthy shine hair.
A good effect of such a procedure is confirmed by numerous botox hair photos. In the pictures you can see how the curls have changed for the better.

How to perform an effective procedure at home
Botox hair reviews are the best indicator of the effectiveness of such products. In addition to good results, an essential advantage of the procedure is the possibility of conducting it yourself at home. For this you need:

Clean hair with shampoo.
The whole pile should be distributed on the strands, which then should be applied.
Next you need to wear a special cap made of polyethylene and heat the hair under a hairdryer. This is necessary so that all the scales stick together and seal the useful components.
After 20 minutes, the cap can be removed, and the hair rinsed.
After the procedure for three hours you can not exert an external influence on the curls: comb them, wear all sorts of hats, etc. For 10 days you can not visit the sauna or solarium. Care is also recommended to change: should switch to shampoo, in which there is no sulfates.

Choosing which Botox for hair is better to buy, you should pay attention to the products of such companies: Eternity Liss, Inoar, ESK Professional. These brands are well established and are leaders in the market for hair care products. Means are convenient in use, differ in good structure and high efficiency. Given their high quality, the price is justified. You should not save on such drugs, because from this they are not only the final result, but also the appearance of your curls.