How is the beauty industry changing in 2020?

The world does not stand still, and the service sector today is rapidly changing to meet the needs of customers. Old trends are fading into oblivion, and they are being replaced by bold and non-standard ideas. What does robotization have to do with cosmetology? How to combine useful salon procedures and relaxation, so necessary in a frantic pace of life? Let's take a look at what the beauty industry will focus on in the near future.

Modern technologies in the beauty industry

Smart technologies are designed to make life much easier for a person. They allow you to delegate some routine responsibilities, oversee different areas of life, and generally give you a sense of control and confidence. However, smart technologies are not only about phones, smart homes or bracelets. Today they have made their way to the beauty industry.

You will be surprised how many innovations can be introduced with modern technology. So, for example, the following trends have been gaining momentum recently:

  • Smart cosmetics. Smart watch, smart hairdryer, what's next - smart cosmetics? Why not - the Korean company has developed the Smart Beauty application, which helps to choose a cosmetic product, focusing on the features of the skin of a particular woman's face. This greatly simplifies the process of choosing cosmetics from a huge range of products.
  • Makeup printers. Robotization is designed to make life easier and free your hands from unnecessary things. "Why not come up with robots that could apply makeup" - thought modern scientists. This is how the magic wand appeared - a makeup printer (for example, Opté from Procter and Gamble) that scans the skin and can determine the required amount of foundation - it recognizes age spots, redness, acne, etc.
  • Digital makeup. Most of the fair sex today are active users of social networks. And often girls do not want to upload this or that photo to their personal account due to the fact that several flaws are visible on their face: small pimples, wrinkles, traces of lack of sleep - all this you want to hide, at least for a picture. Snapchat and Instagram users probably know about masks that mask flaws. Today, there are separate applications that are able to smooth out the skin of the face or even apply virtual makeup before you take a photo.

Age is not an obstacle to salon procedures

Nations are aging - people have learned to fight many diseases, organ transplants, etc. And the growing trend for sports and a healthy lifestyle will obviously lead to the fact that the average life expectancy will increase. And women after 60 will not think about what medicines to buy - they will want to live to the fullest and enjoy every day.

There are already emerging women who are blogging, modeling or starting a brand after retirement, and they cannot be discounted.

According to research by Research & Markets, the average age of beauty salon clients will increase markedly very soon. This issue has been actively addressed in Japan, where the number of women over 50 is more than 50%. At the same time, it is not enough just to produce cosmetics labeled "for older women" - a special approach is needed here:

An enlarged font for women with vision problems.

It is important to take into account the peculiarities of aging skin. For example, as you age, your face sweats more, so most cosmetics should be waterproof.

Manicure and meditation - relaxation and well-groomed nails

In the modern rhythm of life, women often ask themselves the question: go for a haircut or massage, get a manicure or sleep an extra hour and a half? Indeed, today the fair sex skillfully juggle several roles at once: family, study, career - here it is important not to forget about yourself.

That is why some salons decided to add a meditation session to their manicure and pedicure services. Now you can relax to calm music or sounds of nature, while the master will bring beauty to your nails. Such salons give their customers herbal teas and a player (with headphones) with a selection of music.

First, it allows you to get the most of your benefits in the same amount of time. If earlier you needed to spend an hour on a manicure and another hour on meditation - why not combine these two good habits?

Secondly, this approach relieves stress. Some women rarely do manicure in salons, because they do not like to communicate with an unfamiliar master, or they do not tolerate the touch of strangers. In this case, a meditation session helps to relax.

Social media is not the only platform for brand advertising

Lately, many brands are choosing to develop their social media pages. All would be fine if not to make such accounts the only platform for advertising the product. A striking example of this is the cosmetics of the American model Kylie Jenner, which initially gained great popularity. However, the outbreak disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Today, despite the efforts of the founder, the brand's success is noticeably diminishing - sales of cosmetics have fallen by over 60% since the launch.

So it is better to approach advertising in a comprehensive manner, and in pursuit of modern trends, do not forget about the classic marketing techniques.

Naturalness bets!

If the 90s and "noughties" were a symbol of bright makeup, diets and provocative clothes, then over the past few years the lifestyle has changed markedly. Fashion for a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum: yoga, fitness, giving up bad habits and food waste - women are betting on health, not just beauty.

First, “nude” cosmetic products began to appear on the market, and a little later - cosmetics with a healing effect. All indications are that naturalness will remain trendy for the next decade. Instead of an extra palette of eyeshadows, women prefer to buy patches or face masks, instead of self-tanning - scrubs and moisturizing body creams.

Many customers today began to study the composition of cosmetics. Now it is important for women what exactly they use on a daily basis. So cheap goods with toxic components can leave the market. Indeed, now, when it is not necessary to buy dozens of bright lipsticks, the first place is not the price, but the quality of the product.

Brands that are not tested on animals will be especially popular. The eco-movement has also contributed to the trends in the beauty industry - companies are now trying to use packaging that can be recycled and reused. Taking care of yourself and taking care of the planet is the new fashion.

As you can see, the trends in the beauty industry are quite impressive and differ markedly from the trends that existed before. It is difficult to predict exactly how everything will develop further. However, we can definitely say that it is important for companies to track general global trends and watch how the lifestyle of a modern person is changing. This will help determine what exactly the customers will need.