Comparison and review of brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening  appeared not so long ago, but is rapidly gaining popularity. Initially it was exclusively a salon procedure, but it can be done at home for treatment of damaged hair. The choice of specialized cosmetics is great, so always you can choose the right tool for your own needs.

What keratin hair treatmenttype is better?

Keratin is the most expensive component in the composition specialized means, which are extracted from the wool of alpine sheep. Also in the composition there are various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Qualitative remedy with keratin can restore damaged hair, strengthen it, and give hair volume. A high-quality product should consist of keratin 40-50%. Cheaper products contain no more than 5-15%. The popularity of the procedure is constantly growing, so it should be feared fakes. In order to buy keratin complex, it is important to pay attention to:

  • the price of the goods (it can not be too low);
  • original packing
  • company-manufacturer.
  • shop and originality of products

Counterfeit products will not bring the expected effect, and even vice versa: will cause a large harm to the hair. Therefore, it is better to purchase quality products in specialized stores.

Keratin: a variety of types

Hydrolyzed keratin can be presented in several forms. Most Popular liquid product that is released in the form of a suspension (in ampoules or flasks with dispenser) or a spray.

Keratin mask for hair is great for home use. It should apply for 10-15 minutes, and then be sure to wash off. Also, many manufacturers offer balms (they should be applied to the hair for about 10 minutes). Some of these tools it is necessary to wash off, and some - not. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the instruction. You can also find on sale keratin serum. It is a thick liquid that follows distribute along the length of the strands. To wash out means it is not necessary .

Best brands of brazilian straightening

Saturation of the hair with keratin is a complex process, therefore it is important to approach the choice correctly facilities. Many modern manufacturers offer a large selection of products. Most popular:

1. Beox - producer of Brazil. Nanoplasty helps to achieve beautiful shine and healthy condition of hair. Formaldehyde-free innovative composition, long-term result, versatility - the benefits of this brand's products. In the assortment there is the composition One Step, which is able to straighten hair even without special shampoo preparation.

2. Cocochoco - producer of Israel. This is the least caustic remedy in terms of vapors. Suitable for straightening all types of hair. Also, the remedy will help to brighten and restore a healthy appearance. Of The shortcomings of the remedy are the need to long keep it on your hair.

3. Global Keratin is a classic composition, tested for years. The tool contains natural keratin, there is no formaldehyde in its composition, therefore it is absolutely safe for good health. For each type of hair has its own means. Hair after the procedure they acquire a healthy appearance and smoothness.

4. Inoar - producer of Brazil. The composition of the facility includes a sufficient number of keratin particles that fill the structure of damaged hairs well. there is Kits for both professional and home use.

5. Eternity Liss is a Brazilian classic keratin, which is produced on production facilities of the Inoar brand. In the lineup there are three types of compounds that suitable for different types of hair. The products are good at straightening and less evaporation during the procedure.

Hair after keratin will please healthy shine and smoothness. They acquire a luxurious appearance, so be sure to try the procedure at home. Buy funds with keratin can be found on our website at the best prices.