What are the products offered by Let Me Be?

Today, many girls are concerned about the same question: which product for straightening and protecting the hair will fully satisfy their needs, while having a high level of quality and selling at an adequate price? The composition Let Me Be is the answer to this question. The brand includes both botox and nanoplastic. During production, truly effective ingredients with many positive properties were used.

The above brand was created to produce high-level products and is suitable for completely different types of hair. According to the founders of the company, the key Let me be nanoplasticsduty of all professional hairdressers is to appreciate their clients, their curls, which have an individual and extremely complex shape. Employees of the brand do not regret the use of expensive ingredients, which are combined with revolutionary production technologies and provide an optimal result that meets expectations.

Botox Let Me Be is aimed at the restoration and complete restructuring of hair fibers. The formula contains ingredients like tannin and amino acids, which deeply nourish and moisturize dry, brittle hair. In addition, the product rejuvenates keratin tissues. As a result, the representative of the fair sex will be able to enjoy moist, restored, dense, elastic curls, shining along the entire length.

Let Me Be nanoplasics is especially popular. The main active ingredient here is baobab extract. His main task is to deeply moisturize hair, eliminate fluffiness and straighten even African curls, make hair incredibly smooth. Since the composition completely lacks perfumes and formaldehyde, it can even be used by women in the position of adolescents under age. During the creation of nanoplastics, high technologies were used that could not only straighten the curls perfectly, but also overcome the aging of the hair fibers. Moreover, during the procedure, you do not even have to use deep cleaning shampoo, everything is carried out in one stage.

Let Me Be Nanoplastic: Instructions for Use

Let Me Be nanoplastic has proved to be a good idea, since it is able to straighten any curls, there is no formaldehyde in its composition, and most importantly, it is guaranteed that it provides strength, softness, shine and full volume. The formula was developed in such a way that it became possible to restore the curls in just one step without using deep cleaning shampoo:

  1. The composition is applied to dried hair, it is important to observe the indentation from the roots (approximately 0.6 cm).
  2. For 40-90 minutes (depending on the type of curls) it is necessary to sustain it on the head of hair.
  3. The composition is washed abundantly with water. If after washing it still remains, you need to use a standard shampoo.
  4. The hair is dried and divided into several parts.
  5. Each strand must be ironed about 10 times.
  6. The hair is washed, a mask is applied, which is washed off in 10-20 minutes.

After completing the procedure, any girl will be able to enjoy a positive effect in the form of smooth, shiny, healthy, silky and natural hair, which will now be protected from negative external influences and will be able to maintain its shape in any conditions.