Maria Escandalosa - what products does the brand offer?

The above brand is engaged in the production of a whole series of products for leveling and caring for curls. First of all, it is keratin for Maria Escandalosa hair straightening, as well as Botox and nanoplastic. The best masters have made their choice in their favor, since they are characterized by a high level of quality at a budget price.

Keratin formulations from this manufacturer are an excellent option for those who wish to achieve volume reduction and support alignment of curls without curls. The product formula contains such a component as argan oil - it acts instantly, it works on the restoration of damaged hair, their quick leveling. Due to the deep moisturizing of hair, keratin saturates the structure of curls with useful properties. By the way, the product is compatible with other chemicals and can be used for different types of hair.

Keratin Maria Escandalosa reviews are positive, as in the composition amimnosilotes are harmoniously mixed with vitamins, rearranging strands of hair and restoring fiber itself. As a result, the curls will look smooth and elastic, and the effect will last up to six months.

Maria Escandalosa Botox is another popular product whose main task is to restore the hair structure using organic acids with nutrients and valuable Brazilian oils. Upon completion of the procedure, the girl will have elastic curls, covered with a protective sheath, making the hair resistant to temperature and many other influences. If you regularly use the tool and follow the instructions, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • High-grade air conditioning.
  • Recovery.
  • Alignment of naughty curls.
  • Extra shine.

As regards the Maria Escandalosa nanoplastics, this is a recently released innovative straightener. The key component in this case is hydrolyzed keratin, restoring the internal and external structure, making the locks strong, healthy, beautiful. This is a great option for different types of hair.

Maria Escandalosa nanoplasty reviews are mostly positive, because there is no formaldehyde in the product, it is one hundred percent vegetable product. In its composition there is a mass of natural components, such as shea butter, argan, wheat, protein from milk with cocoa, gaurana, honey extract and so on. All this provides an effective therapy without any harm to the future condition of the locks.

Instructions for use keratin Maria Escandalosa

When performing the procedure, keratin Maria Escandalosa instructions must be strictly observed. Only in this case will it be possible to count on ensuring smooth smoothness, restoration, reconstruction, moisturizing and smoothing of curls. How is the process of alignment:

  • First you need to wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo several times.
  • Further, using a hair dryer, the curls are completely dried.
  • The keratin product itself is applied directly, aged for 20-30 minutes, after which the hair is dried again.
  • To straighten the hair is divided into many thin strands, each of them is processed 10-15 times ironing.
  • It is necessary to allow hair to cool for a couple of minutes, then rinse to completely flush the product. At the end, the hair is again dried with a hair dryer in hot mode.

If properly perform the procedure, then in the end the girl's hair will become incredibly smooth, shiny, smooth, voluminous and silky.