How does hair plex work?

Surely, many have already heard more than once what Plex is for hair from masters in the salon or were interested in relevant articles on the Internet - it doesn’t matter what specific sources information came from, you don’t care, most likely, know this concept, but I would like to know a little more about it.

The technology described above was first used in Los Angeles, which is not surprising given how many stars live there and how important it is for them to maintain their star hair styles in excellent condition. The guarantee of healthy hair, a more durable shade and protection from damage due to thermofilings and dyeing can all be called the key advantages of using plexus products, thanks to which innovative technology has become popular and widespread, first in America and then in Europe. Most of the popular brands have already created their own lines based on this technology, but first it is worth understanding what plex hair gives and what is its incredible popularity all over the world?

What are "plexes for hair"?

If you answer the question of whether hair plex is in simple terms, this is a special product that allows you to minimize damage resulting from aggressive chemical procedures. Thus, all of them are held in a fairly benign mode and do not have a destructive effect on the curls.

Plexes for hair usually consist of 2-3 phases:

  • The first group includes products that are added directly to any chemical mixtures such as dyeing, bleaching, curling, or straightening. Initially, the plexes were intended directly for lighting work. The first phase is a mixture of chemicals that slow down the destruction of the disulfide bonds of the curl.
  • The properties of the second phase are more like hair conditioners. The composition includes components of silicone, oils, proteins and other reducing components.
  • The third phase is not in every brand, but if it is present, it is intended for home care in order to maintain the effect obtained.

Specific features of the "plex"

According to qualified experts, Plex for hair protection should be from the same line as other chemicals, since in this case the pH is identical, the formula is not violated, which allows not increasing the percentage of oxidant.

Why do I need plex hair?
Everything is simple: it is with their help that the active substances of different agents cannot penetrate deep inside the hair, they act extremely effectively, therefore, for full dyeing, it is not necessary to use strong oxidizing agents and increase the exposure time. Naturally, this has a positive effect on the condition of the hair, they are protected from excessive negative chemical effects.

Another reason for the active use of Plex technology is the porosity of the hair. If it is too large, then the maximum moisture will fall into the structure and dissolve the dyes. With the help of plexes, the porosity is reduced, the time of pigment fixation is prolonged.

As practice shows, after the application of the above described system, the fair sex has noted several positive changes. This is about:

  • Smoothness and transparency of the cuticle cuticle.
  • Tight fit scales.
  • Intense gloss along the entire length of the curls.
  • Feeling of volume
  • Density and softness of hair.
  • Stages of Plex technology

The technology itself is implemented in several stages, each of which is distinguished by its specific goals. So, when coloring, a special component is added to the composition, which reliably protects the cuticle. At the second stage, the cuticle closes, for which they use an air conditioner that contains keratin compounds with oils. Due to the nutrition of masks and balms provides complete care at home. As a result, it is possible to fix a positive effect, to strengthen disulfide bonds, and the hair will remain radiant and healthy for a long time. Thus, Plex technology can surely be called a reliable hair care assistant.

Effect of the procedure

After conducting laboratory tests, it was proved that the procedures with the system described above restore hair up to 94 percent, and their resistance to fracture increases by 44 percent. Moreover, the result is almost instantaneous and noticeable after the first procedure.

The most important thing is to first consult with professionals and apply only to proven and well-established salons, where specialists have solid experience and can guarantee a positive effect from the procedure.