As you know, and lamination, and keratin straightening aimed at to restore the hair. However, these procedures are very different in terms of technology of application and the final result. In addition to the difference in cost, there are many other significant differences.

Features of lamination and keratin straightening

Lamination is the treatment of curls by means of a special transparent composition with further coating them with a film that performs a protective function. This is a special mixture, the composition of which includes a variety of oils, dietary supplements and protein. When laminating the hair scales begin to stick together, they no longer allow moisture to pass, with the result that the hair becomes shiny and thicker in the visual plane. The main advantage of this effect on curls is that it is not contraindicated during dyeing. Moreover, thanks to lamination, you can expect to saturate with color and make your hair perfectly smooth.

But keratin hair straightening is the treatment of curls with keratin, which is a substance that is the main component. It turns out, while receiving additional nutrition, the hair begins to heal. In addition, it allows you to count on a perfectly smooth hair. During the procedure, the enrichment of the hair follicles with vitamins takes place. As in the case with the method described above, the scales begin to close, the curls become heavier and become less fluffy.

The main differences

One of the key differences is the long lasting effect. Keratin straightening technology is aimed at getting rid of split ends, small curls and problematic styling for at least 5-6 months. As for lamination, it lasts just a couple of weeks. Naturally, the procedure is repeated without problems, but it requires additional expenses in the financial plan.

There are differences in recovery. Reviews of keratin hair straightening indicate that after the procedure, the curls become healthy. The substance itself is able to quickly and fully penetrate the structure of the hair, so that they acquire elasticity, ductility and strength. At the same time, by lamination, hair is only partially protected from external factors that adversely affect them. The components themselves are quickly washed off the head of hair.

There are differences in pricing. The price of lamination in the salons is about two and a half times lower than the use of keratin. How much does keratin straightening cost? It all depends on the length of the hair. At the same time a more noticeable effect will be guaranteed.

By the way, both of the above procedures are applicable at home, but here there are a number of differences. Keratinization needs additional cosmetics, which should be chosen as carefully as possible. But for lamination you do not need to buy special preparations, because the composition itself is easily made from gelatin.

Thus, after we were able to study everything about keratin straightening and lamination, the following conclusion can be made: if there are no financial problems, the preferred option, of course, is to use keratin, which is suitable for curls that need a healing effect. Lamination is also distinguished by its advantages. The main among them - pricing. In this case, the effect is also pleasantly surprised. The girl will get rid of the broken ends, her hair will get a smooth and shiny shape, but there is no recovery in this case.