Spanish brand KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty

The range of the first Ukrainian supermarket for professional hair cosmetics continues to expand. We are pleased to introduce the Spanish brand KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty. The laboratory and production facilities of this manufacturer are located not far from Barcelona, ​​a city that has gathered history and innovations associated with the rapid development of the economy and education.

In the product lines of the manufacturer KV-1, there are products that solve almost any hair problem. From fillers and shampoos with hyaluric acid to ampoule cold botoxes, cream lifts and balm masks with stem cell extract, capillary lifts, we are not talking about such “platitudes” as Detox programs that surround your hair with care and care that are worthy of Spa programs and rituals.

The entire range of the Kv-1 brand in our catalog.