Indications and contraindications for bixiplasty

Bixiplasty of hair is a system of straightening different types of hair, their discipline, structuring, eliminating fluffiness and strengthening. During the procedure, several components are used. We are talking about preparing shampoo, revealing hair cuticles, removing impurities and having antioxidant and antiseptic effects, as well as a straightening mask that interacts with an iron and reconstructs hair.

Many have no idea what bixiplasticity is and why it is needed. Therefore, first you should familiarize yourself with the indications for use. This is about:

Dry and weakened hair. If the structure of the curls is similar to that of straw, then the procedure will certainly make them soft again. This effect is provided due to the rich composition, which includes various natural oils and vitamins.
Lack of gloss and dullness. Hair really tends to fade. This usually occurs due to age-related changes, as well as improper care. In any case, bixiplastia will restore the saturated color and make the curls shiny.
Fragility, split ends. Bixiplastia from within saturates the structure of the hair and fills it fully. Therefore, you no longer have to go monthly to the salon to get rid of split ends. The procedure was able to establish itself well among those girls who decided to start growing hair.

There are contraceptive bixiplastia by type:

  • Allergic reactions to active ingredients.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Undergoing chemotherapy.

What about the composition?

The above tool includes many natural ingredients that contribute to the effective hydration of hair and scalp. The main ingredient in a well-established drug is considered to be the extract of the fruits of Bix Aurelian or Fondant tree. It contains components of the type of protein, fatty acids and other useful elements used by people to care for the skin and treat various painful conditions. Thanks to the protein and fatty acids of the Fondant tree, protection against the UV rays of the sun is guaranteed, the hair acquires an elastic shape and becomes more supple. The composition of the shampoo and mask contains many other effective components, selected in the right proportions. This is about:

  • Bertoltius.
  • Pentacleria.
  • Kopaysky Balsam.
  • Butter Babassu.

How is the procedure performed?

If you carefully read bixiplastic reviews, it will become clear that the procedure is ideal for any type of hair and is carried out in several key stages.

A deep cleansing shampoo is applied to the curls, which is characterized by an antioxidant, moisturizing, smoothing and antiseptic effect.
There is an expectation of drying the hair at least half, after which they are divided into several zones. Next, a reconstructing mask is applied. Its composition includes nutritional components that have an exceptionally positive effect on curls. The mask should be aged on the hair for 20 minutes.
The hair dryer is dried in a cool mode. Curls are processed with an iron, thin strands stand out. The temperature of the instrument should be selected depending on the hair type. The stiffer the hair, the higher the temperature should be. The hair cools for a couple of minutes, then it is thoroughly washed with warm water and dried.

Hair care after bixiplastic surgery

Hair care after bixiplastic surgery is another important point that all the fair sex, who decided on the above procedure, should be familiar with. First of all, after the procedure, all the funds that the girl had before should be replaced with sulfate-free ones. Why? It's simple: because of these substances from the strands, the beneficial composition that covered the curls during bioplasty is washed out faster. It is also important that there are no salts in the cosmetics.

As practice shows, if you continue to use old shampoos and gels, the effect of the procedure will last no more than 2-3 weeks. Hair drying should be carried out using a hairdryer - in this case, the curls will become well-groomed and shiny. As for styling products like varnishes, sprays, foams, you can use them, but not at all, since the hair will look healthy and well-groomed without them.

Also, experts do not recommend curling curls within a week after bixyplasty was performed. It is very rare to curl curls with a curler or curler.

Many are interested in: how long does bixiplastia last? With proper care, the effect of the procedure will last several months (up to six months).

Myths about the procedure

There are several myths associated with the above procedure. Among the most common, the following can be distinguished:

  • Bixiplasty is a real stress for the hair. This statement is false, because the procedure is aimed at restoring damaged strands and is characterized by a therapeutic effect.
  • Hairstyle is becoming less magnificent. In general, the procedure does not contribute to the weighting of curls, so you can not be afraid of the permanent effect of "sleekness." If the procedure is carried out correctly, the curls will become airy and more obedient.
  • The strands quickly become dirty. Testimonials indicate something else: the procedure allows you to reduce the number of procedures necessary for washing the head. The purity effect lasts twice as much.

Many do not know what to choose: biksiplastiya or botox. You can make the final choice only after consulting a professional who will determine the type of curls and understand what problems are typical for them, after which he will give his recommendations.