Everyone's main dream is thick, healthy and voluminous hair. However, you can face the problem of its loss regardless of age and even gender. The appearance of bald patches, an increased number of hairs on a comb or in the drain of the bathtub is a cause for concern. Therefore, in this article, we will look at why this happens and what products will help maintain the volume of the hairstyle.

Causes of Hair Loss

In general, the reasons why hairs can fall out are divided into two broad categories – which are related to external and internal factors.

The internal ones include:

  • Hormonal instability;
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, stomach, autoimmune diseases;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Genetic disorders, etc.

Among the so-called external factors, it is worth noting the psychological state, because every nervous tension and stress negatively affect the condition of the hair, making it dry, dull and brittle.

These factors also include:

  • Lack of macro- and microelements;
  • Insufficient amount of vitamins;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Poorly selected diet;
  • Climate change;
  • Poor ecology;
  • Taking medications;
  • Therapy for the treatment of cancer;
  • Exposure to chemicals during curling or dyeing, etc.

The combination and strength of the influence of such factors determines the amount of hair that can be seen on the floor or on the comb after combing, and in serious cases - on the hands after the washing procedure.

Some of the factors are worth talking about in more detail, as they are the main reasons why your hairstyle may lose volume and thickness.

Effects of hormones

In young girls, strands thin the most in adolescence, during changes in hormonal levels and general maturation of the body. At an older age, this can be encountered after childbirth, since during this period there is excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins, dietary restrictions and the transfer of nutrients from the body of the mother to the child.

Hormonal causes can also include menopause. A slowdown in metabolism and instability in the emotional state affect the follicles, which begin to weaken, without receiving enough nutrition.


A typical cause is a general stressful state. Sleep disturbances, the presence of experiences, the general instability of the emotional background due to work or personal life leads to disruption of the functioning of the whole body. The metabolic process slows down, which affects the nutrition of hair follicles. Which, without receiving nutrients, grow more slowly, become thinner, which is why the hairstyle noticeably loses volume.

Environmental Influences

The weather, as well as the climate around, are also the most popular factors why hairs begin to fall off. Exposure to the sun in the summer without a hat can lead not only to sunstroke, but also to scalp burns. In the process of restoration and peeling of the skin, hairs begin to fall out along with its lobes, which can be noticed during the holidays and the beach season.

In the cold season, exposure to cold, frost and snow, as well as dry air from heating appliances, also leads to precipitation. And also due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, since it is difficult to eat the same amount of vegetables and fruits in winter as in summer.

Prevention against hair loss

In addition to cosmetics and care products that help strengthen hair follicles, you should pay attention to other methods on how to improve the condition of the scalp. And it's not just about prevention, but also about stopping the process of reducing density, as well as preventing the possibility of hair loss in the future.

Such measures include regular scalp massage. Thanks to this, you will significantly increase blood circulation, which will allow nutrients and useful elements to be absorbed faster. And it also allows you to saturate the skin with oxygen, which stimulates the growth of new hairs.

Let's talk about certain types of protection in more detail, since the quality of the hair itself and the level of its protection depend on them.

Selection of care

If you balance your care, you will never encounter problematic hair, as you will always control its condition, and also avoid damage and brittleness.

Pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Determine the frequency of shampooing depending on your skin type: oily skin should be washed daily, dry skin should be washed several times a week;
  • For hard water in the house, use bottled water to wash your hair, or install cleaning filters;
  • For better shampoo washing, you can use decoctions of herbs, or other care products;
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water, as the increased temperature damages the structure of the hair, making it thin and dry;
  • Choose a natural way to dry strands, or use a hair dryer on medium or low temperature to avoid damage;
  • If you want to do styling, use products with thermal protection, which also applies to curling irons and other tools;
  • Limit the number of colorings, perms, straightenings and procedures if you see that the condition of your hair is rapidly deteriorating.

And also pay attention to such seemingly small things as the selection of combs. If you have long hair, it should be wide enough, and also with flat teeth so as not to scratch the skin and not pull out hairs. And if your hairstyle has a short length, choose a classic, small comb, preferably made of natural materials that will not cause a static effect.

Change in diet

Not only the quality of life and the absence of stress are responsible for the overall healthy appearance, but also the right diet. The presence of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals will help strengthen the structure of the strands, make them less brittle, and also increase the volume of the hairstyle.

Add foods to your diet that contain:

  • Vitamin A: yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products;
  • Vitamin B: potatoes and legumes, soybeans, various cereals;
  • Vitamin C: berries, citrus fruits, and nuts;
  • Vitamin E: seeds, greens, whole grain flour, nuts;
  • Iron: apples, grapes, cranberries, figs, greens;
  • Zinc: citrus, raisins, eggplant;
  • Magnesium: dried fruits and legumes, beets;
  • Calcium: pumpkin, cheese, and dairy products.

But what should definitely be excluded from the diet is certain foods, the presence of which can be harmful to hair. These include alcoholic beverages, as well as sauces, semi-finished products and half-cooked food. We also note dishes containing an excess of salt, as well as smoked meats, canned food, sweets containing a large amount of natural and artificial sugar.

Protecting strands

To maintain the beautiful appearance of the hairstyle, as well as the health of the follicles, it is worth choosing not only the right care and diet, but also not forgetting about protection from external factors.

In winter, do not forget to wear a hat so that the cold air does not make the strands brittle and dry. In summer, use hats to protect your hair from fading in the sun and your scalp from temperature damage.

If you want to dye your hair, use products that do not contain ammonia, as they are less harmful, and also do not have an aggressive effect.

Types of remedies for hair loss

Today, on store shelves you can find many professional products that will help strengthen the strands and make them less brittle, reduce the number of hairs on the comb.

They are divided into the following types:

  • Shampoos: used as a preparation for the application of other products, actively cleanses, disinfects, has an antibacterial effect;
  • Lotions: have an effect not only directly on the strands, but also on the scalp, enriched with a complex of active substances;
  • Serums: leave-in products penetrate deep into the structure of the hairs, restore them from the inside and actively strengthen them;
  • Masks: enriched with vitamins and minerals, applied to the entire surface of the strands, thanks to which they penetrate deeply and nourish with useful substances;
  • Oils: natural herbal remedies that help strengthen, maintain vitality, and restore obedience;
  • Ampoules: contain the maximum amount of nutrients used by the course depending on the type of problem.

The selection of the product should be carried out with a specialist, preferably with a dermatologist or trichologist, who will select it for your skin type, and also establish the regularity and frequency of use depending on the complexity of the problem.

The main effective components of anti-hair loss products

The basis of any care product is its composition. And if you want the product to be really effective, to have a positive effect on the strands, you should pay attention to the specific components that have the greatest impact on growth and prevention of hair loss.

Pay attention to the following components in the composition:

  • Chili pepper extract: improves blood circulation, stimulates blood circulation, which allows the follicles to be oxygenated;
  • Caffeine: also has an effect on the circulatory system, makes strands stronger, healthier-looking;
  • Complex of acids: used for gentle skin peeling, which deeply cleanses, allows you to refresh and get rid of pollutants;
  • Panthenol: nourishes and moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation, creates a protective barrier against external factors;
  • Vitamin B: stimulates the growth of strands, thereby restoring volume to the hairstyle, and also penetrates deep into the roots;
  • Amino acids: have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, stimulate the process of restoring strands;
  • Plant extracts: stimulate growth, moisturize, get rid of impurities and soothe the skin.

And also consult with a specialist about which components should definitely not be in the composition of cosmetics, depending on your skin type. This will help reduce the level of hair damage, as well as support and stimulate its growth, and improve cleansing.

Top products that will protect your strands

And if you want your hairstyle to become more voluminous, and your hair to regain its bright shine and healthy look, pay attention to the following three professional care products that we have selected for you.


The selection of a high-quality shampoo depends not only on how well the strands will be washed and how well impurities will be removed. But with the help of a natural composition and ingredients, you can strengthen new follicles, and also nourish existing ones in order to get a voluminous hairstyle.

Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo VITAEL HAIR LOSS STIMULATING SHAMPOO It has the following advantages:

  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Saturation with nutrients;
  • Stimulation of strand growth;
  • Minimization of hair loss;
  • Giving softness and elasticity;
  • Restoration of cuticles and scalp.

And you can use this shampoo on a daily basis or together in a set of products from the brand that will help activate hair growth and get rid of brittleness!


For hair that has entered a phase of intense hair loss and a decrease in its density, it is worth using a special lotion several times a week. The product is based on natural plant extracts that penetrate deep into the scalp for the best effect.

VITAEL HAIR LOSS STIMULATING LOTION has the following features:

  • Saturation with nutrients;
  • Regeneration of the structure of strands and cuticle;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Reducing the impact of fungi and bacteria;
  • Improved blood circulation.

Ideally, the lotion should be applied after washing your hair with a shampoo from the brand. Apply a few drops, spraying with a dispenser, and massage lightly, leaving until completely absorbed.


And if you want not only to support the hair you have now, but also to stimulate the growth of new hair, pay attention to professional ampoules. They contain a complex of active substances, as well as vitamins and minerals in an increased concentration, thanks to which they will have a faster effect on the follicles and demonstrate results.


  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Acceleration of absorption of nutrients;
  • Strengthening hair follicles;
  • Regeneration of damaged hairs;
  • Restoration of the hair shaft;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Improved oxygen saturation.

It is worth using ampoules after washing your hair with shampoo from the brand. Blot your hair with a dry towel, and then distribute the composition of one ampoule along the strands and scalp. Massage gently to accelerate absorption and do not rinse.

And if you need high-quality care, then choose it in our store!