How to choose a hair straightener

The main purpose of the hair straightening iron is to curl beautiful curls and transform hair from a naughty shape into a smooth and straight. In order to straighten Inoar hair as successfully as possible, you need to correctly approach the choice of the above device. Only in this case, the woman will be pleased with the result and is guaranteed to meet her expectations.

The choice of surface coating

First of all it is required to decide on a covering the iron for hair which happens several types. This is about:

· Ceramic - directed to the distribution of heat over the surface. With the help of such forceps strands are straightened fairly quickly. The iron itself slides very smoothly and does not burn through the curls. This is similar to the effect of safety in pottery dishes, which are not afraid of high temperatures, characterized by reliability and durability.

· Teflon - they easily glide along the strands, do not tend to stick to the forceps, even if Inoar keratin or other cosmetics are present on the hair.

· Marble. It has a cooling effect, neutralizes the hot plate temperature. For girls with weak and split hair, this coating is suitable.

· Tourmaline coating - it combines the qualities of Teflon and marble. Copes with the elimination of static electrification.

· Metallic - burns hair a little, as metal cannot conduct heat evenly. With frequent use of the rectifier, it is imperative to apply special Inoar cosmetics to the curls.

· Titanium. It is reliable and durable. It is used for professional styling, since the plates are characterized by increased smoothness. Friction is reduced and damage to the curls is minimized.

What other criteria to pay attention to?

Before buying it is important to focus on other criteria. One of them is temperature indicators. The minimum warming up for most irons is 100 degrees Celsius, and the top is in the region of 150-230. Holders of thick and thick curls need a high temperature, and weak, soft and thin - medium (from 130 to 150). For curling will be quite enough 180.

Certain species have the ability to warm up to their maximum instantly - we are talking about professional devices. A quick customer among standard devices is considered from 5 to 10 seconds. If you plan to curl curls in a hurry, it is better to choose irons, having an average value - from 10 to 30 seconds.

A rather important option in the above described devices is considered a thermostat. Without it, the device will be able to heat up to high temperatures, which the girl may not need if her hair is weak, thin or colored.

As for power, it starts at 25 watts. Powerful devices are suitable for regular curls, since the temperature should be higher when winding than when straightening.


Thus, we can draw some conclusions: if we talk about the material, then the best option is ceramic - not metallic. If the budget is very limited, you can choose the simplest equipment, which does not include additional accessories and nozzles. The presence of a liquid crystal display just does not hurt. Be sure to buy a model that has a thermostat heating. The width of the heated plates should not be too wide. During the selection of a particular model, you should focus on customer feedback or read the information on other resources