How to choose botox for hair

Botox - this is the name of the category of drugs aimed at restoring and treating curls. Compared to popular injections, such agents do not include bolutoxin, which has a toxic effect on cells. However, many of the fair sex are interested in how to choose Botox for hair and where to buy it.

Hair botox and its key benefits

Intra-silane is considered the key active component of the drug. This is a full-fledged conductor of natural substances into the depths of the hair. Botox contains elements of useful flora along with vitamin A, E, C, B complex, amino acids and keratin, which is the main building component.

The best Botox for hair, depending on the various components in its composition has different properties. So, the most effective means must necessarily have:

  • Smoothing action. As a result, unruly curls with damaged ends, can turn into a shiny and silky hair.
  • Nourishing action. The hair coat is properly saturated with vitamin-mineral composition, the hairstyle begins to literally shine, and the styling lasts longer.
  • Straightening action. An extremely important effect for naturally curly hair. Hair straightens and accelerates their growth.

What products should be selected?

Many are interested in Botox for hair how to choose. For the right choice, you need to pay attention to the brand that manufactures products. Today, popular brands include the following:

  1. BotoSmart Expert Silk Collagen. Includes collagen and silk proteins, created special for curls with a wavy and smooth texture, thin and thick.
  2. Inoar. Products of this brand copes with the task of straightening curls and improving their structure.
  3. Honma Tokyo. It is a practical professional tool to care for the most damaged head of hair.
  4. Portier Botox. We are talking about non-formaldehyde capillary reconstruction, smoothing out natural or bleached bright curls. There is compatibility with chemistry, the service life is 2 months.

Where to buy botox hair? Do it better in specialized online stores offering a wide range of products at an adequate cost.