Which thermal protection to choose?

Means of heat protection for hair should be in the arsenal of every girl who at least occasionally uses a hair dryer, curling iron, hair iron or other types of stylers. After all, the influence of hot temperatures leads to damage to the structure of the strands due to the disruption of the bonds between the keratin molecules, which in turn occur due to the rapid and intense evaporation of moisture. However, how does thermal protection work? What is such a cosmetic product? Let's try to understand in more detail.

What is heat protection for hair?

Thermoprotector is a specialized cosmetics for curls, the main task of which is to reduce the harmful effects of high temperatures. It is intended for application directly to the hair. This product covers each hair with an ultra-thin film, forming a barrier between the hair structure and the influence of hot factors.

The protective effect is achieved thanks to heat-resistant polymers characterized by low thermal conductivity. Most often, the main component of thermal protection for hair is silicone. Polymers reduce the degree of heating of strands and contribute to the smoothing of the outer layer of hair - the cuticle. Thanks to this, strands also receive additional protection against moisture evaporation. The thermal protection also contains useful components for additional care of strands, including vegetable oils, vitamin and mineral complexes, proteins, panthenol, etc. They contribute to the restoration and nourishment of strands.

Thermal protection functions

Therefore, thermal protection reliably protects hair from the effects of hot temperatures — it does not allow a hair dryer, curling iron or iron to burn and dry the strands. It should be taken into account that some studies confirm that it becomes dangerous to heat curls without thermal protection up to 140 °C, and this temperature is only the starting point for most hair irons.

But the functionality of such a protective tool does not end there, it also helps:

  • ensure uniform heating of strands for the best and problem-free styling;
  • make it easier for the iron or curling iron to slide over the surface of the hair;
  • provide additional hair moisture;
  • normalize the lipid layer that naturally protects hair from damage;
  • ensure better fixation during laying;
  • reduce the risk of hair breakage;
  • remove static from hair, preventing electrification;
  • provide protection of strands from ultraviolet light.

So, it becomes clear that thermal protection is a real must-have, which you must have in your arsenal.

Various types of heat protection for hair

Today, manufacturers offer a huge range of thermal protection for hair. Thermoprotective components are included in various products, starting from washable products: conditioners and masks, and ending with non-washable products: sprays, lotions, creams, serums, foams and mousses. Each variety has its own characteristics. Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. Sprays. They usually have a water base. Due to the presence of a sprayer, they are easily distributed along the entire length of the strands. They are absorbed very quickly, leaving no unpleasant stickiness or heaviness. Improve combing of strands, add beauty and shine to them.
  2. Lotions. They are more concentrated than sprays, so they provide more intense nutrition and hydration, and can neutralize external damage. At the same time, they are very convenient and easy to use. They have light fixing properties - they help to make styling more stable.
  3. Creams. They are quite dense, so they easily smooth and structure strands, completely remove the fluffiness of curls. They contain a significant amount of nutritious components that provide deep hair care, have a positive effect on smoothness and promote recovery.
  4. Oils. They have a light texture, they absorb quickly. Provides intensive nutrition, softens and moisturizes strands. Help reduce brittleness and split ends.
  5. Serums and emulsions. They are characterized by a light consistency, but are very concentrated in their composition. Able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, eliminate microdamages, nourish and strengthen.
  6. Foams and mousses. They are distinguished by a light air structure, under such conditions they provide the hairstyle with the effect of additional volume, fix strands, make them denser.

Means that need to be washed off have a rather weak effect. However, they can enhance the result of using non-washable thermal protection. But you should not expect that they will provide reliable protection by themselves.

How to choose the best thermal protection?

When choosing thermal protection, you should take into account the type of hair and the peculiarities of its condition.

Girls with damaged hair that is characterized by significant fluffiness, is porous and/or curly, it is better to give preference to cream products for thermal protection. After all, they will help to additionally smooth the strands and give a good antistatic effect.

Among the TOP cream structure products:

  • VITAEL DRY HAIR SPRAY CREAM TEN IN ONE. This is a cream-spray that not only protects curls from hot temperatures, but also helps to restore them. Its composition contains a lot of keratin, which is able to integrate into damaged areas and reconstruct them. It also contains argan oil, a source of argan oil, which is an excellent source of beneficial fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as panthenol, a powerful anti-inflammatory and moisturizing component. Thanks to such a rich composition, the cream spray helps to nourish and moisturize the hair along its entire length, ensuring easy and safe styling. When using it, strands become shiny and silky, get healthy shine and smoothness, attractive volume and healthy elasticity.
  • Raywell BIO TEN IN ONE. An amazing tool characterized by complex properties - it not only protects strands from the effects of high temperature, but also takes care of them. Such a tool promotes deep hair restoration, straightens waves and strengthens hair shafts. And it also makes the curls more shiny, protects the color, adds volume, and makes styling easier. In general, Raywell BIO TEN IN ONE is just a super find for thermal protection.
  • Envie MILK All in one. This is a milk that is a truly versatile hair care product. It reliably protects strands from the effects of hot temperatures during styling, and also has a unique formula that promotes intensive recovery and deep nutrition. It is often recommended to owners of especially dry and unruly curls, because with its use, they are filled with moisture and vital energy, become well-groomed and attractively shiny.
  • You Look multiaction spray 10in1. A unique tool enriched with a significant amount of active substances. It is created to make the hairstyle perfect. It contains macadamia oil and argan oil, which provide deep nourishment and hydration of curls. The product also contains flaxseed, which prevents brittleness and split ends. Silk extract promotes natural shine, and keratin molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft and strengthen it from the inside. The seaweed in the composition of the product makes the hair voluminous and removes excess fluffiness, while the grain proteins deeply moisturize it and start the recovery process. Thanks to active X-HP, the milk has excellent heat-protective properties, and MFP helps to make a perfect hairstyle — texturizing strands and maintaining their splendor. In addition, the product provides reliable protection against ultraviolet rays and helps to preserve the bright shade of hair even in the case of dyeing.
  • You Look multiaction spray 10in1 Professional. An excellent find for master hairdressers. This is a truly revolutionary product that will improve hair styling and provide it with intensive multi-level care. Its use contributes to the straightening of curls, deep moisturizing and healing. Natural oils in the composition of the product nourish strands, remove split ends and brittle hair, add shine, silkiness and volume. Thanks to this milk, you can not worry about the negative impact of high temperatures from a hair dryer, curling iron or hair iron, because the curls remain reliably protected along their entire length. You can also use it to texture strands. The product has an anti-static effect, provides reliable protection against ultraviolet rays and helps preserve a rich color.

    To care for healthy hair that has not been dyed and has a low level of porosity, it is worth choosing a thermal protection in the form of a spray. It will not weigh down strands, provide reliable protection against negative factors, and protect hair from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Among the TOP means for thermal protection in the form of a spray:

  • TOP BEAUTY Кератин Термозахист Perfumed. This is an easy-to-use and effective tool that everyone who regularly uses stylers, hair dryers, and hair irons will need. Its formula is ideal for the care of porous, dry strands and damaged hair. Its composition contains castor oil and hydrolyzed keratin molecules that penetrate deep into the hair structure and create a thin film around each hair — a kind of barrier that protects strands from the effects of hot air, and additionally from negative environmental factors. The tool also helps to soften strands and smooth them.
  • La’dor Thermal Protection Spray. A light, airy bridge-spray designed to preserve the health and good appearance of hair even when it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. The unique formula of the product allows you to create an effective barrier that protects strands from various harmful factors. The composition of the spray includes 11 amino acids, which contribute to the restoration of the structure of strands, add strength and elasticity to them. The product also contains gardenia extract, which makes hair shiny, and violet extract, which tones the skin and helps maintain the health of strands from the inside. And raspberry ketones in its composition effectively slow down hair loss. Thanks to the use of the product, curls become smooth and silky, and their internal structure is restored.
  • VITAEL DAMAGED HAIR DEEP RESTORER. This product is intended for the care of deeply damaged strands. It has a special formula that contributes to the intensive reconstruction of damaged areas and helps to return strands to their excellent appearance. In particular, the spray contains a complex of amino acids and keratin — they help fill damaged areas and nourish hair from the inside. Also, the tool connects the destroyed sulfide bonds, so it strengthens strands in two directions at once: both from the outside and from the inside. Thanks to its use, the hair remains protected from breakage and breakage for a long time.

How to use thermal protection?

The main rule of using the product is timely application. It should be used before styling and only on clean hair. All cosmetics of this type are created in such a way that they reveal their properties only in the process of heating.

After applying the products, you should comb your hair and wait a few minutes for them to settle and start working.

  1. Sprays and lotions should be sprayed on wet hair immediately before using a hair dryer. You can also repeat the application on dry hair before using a curling iron or iron.
  2. The cream must first be distributed over the skin of the palms. Next, it should be applied to wet hair, from which excess moisture was previously removed with a towel. Step back from the roots by 1-2 cm.
  3. The oil can be applied to both dry and slightly damp strands. First, like the cream, it should be distributed over the skin of the palms, and then carefully applied to the hair: from the middle to the very tips. But it is worth retreating from the roots of the hair, so as not to create the effect of oiliness.
  4. Mousse or foam is better to use immediately before drying with a hair dryer. It is worth soaking the strands with a towel, and then carefully apply the product along the entire length of the hair. After that, you can start styling.