What is nanoplasty?

Every girl dreams of shiny and well-looking hair. And nothing is impossible, because there are many different procedures that allow to realize the dream. Hair nanoplasty is an effective procedure that will make the curls shine and silkiness.

Features of hair nanoplasty

If you first hear the name of this procedure, you are probably interested in the question: what is hair nanoplasty? This is a new hair treatmnet, which impacts on the hair structure from the inside. After such a procedure, the curls become shiny and smooth, they do not push, and the tips do not get confused. The effect persists for a long time (about six months).

There is no formaldehyde as part of the product. Therefore, during the procedure, you will not feel a sharp smell, burning. There will be no other unpleasant reactions. Care is absolutely safe, so the tool can be applied to all age categories. The procedure is safe for women in the position and for mothers during lactation.

Nanoplasty hair reviews show good results. They can be estimated by the example of this photo.

nanoplasty for hair

Advantages and disadvantages of nanoplastics

Like any procedure, hair nanoplasty has pros and cons. Among the advantages are:

  • effective and quick results - hair becomes healthy and attractive. Strands are not confused at all;
  • the procedure is absolutely harmless;
  • maintaining long-term results;
  • much less time is spent for daily laying;
  • the procedure is great for unruly hair;
  • hair gain reliable protection from various thermal and physical effects;
  • hair after the procedure is not only restored, but also straightened qualitatively.

Among the shortcomings are the following:

  • hair will have to be washed more often;
  • the cost of the procedure is quite high;
  • the procedure itself takes a lot of time;
  • after the hair can lighten by 1-2 tones.

How is hair nanoplasty done?

This question interests those who first became acquainted with such a procedure. In fact, there is nothing difficult here, but patience and free time is still necessary. The procedure consists of the following steps:

Carefully wash your hair.
Spread the hair on the strands, then apply a special preparation (it should be avoided on the roots). Well distribute the tool using a comb. After that, leave the composition for a certain time specified in the instructions.
After the time, the hair should be washed, followed by drying the hair with a hair dryer, and then using the ironing straighten curls.
Among the many products, the Beox Solution hair nanoplasty is the most well-established. This is a good Brazilian tool that has shown excellent results and high efficiency.